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Cheeky butlers are the ultimate in sexy cheeky fun for your party, they’re hot and flirty while still keeping things sophisticated and classy. This guy is sexy and fit, but he’s also a professional waiter and he has the bow tie and cuffs to prove it…even if he won’t be wearing much else! A sexy butler will arrive at your party in his cheeky outfit and he’ll serve you and your guests your drinks and snacks. He has some cheeky banter and you can all have photos taken with him. He can join in with your party games and he’ll do all the tidying up. Get ready for lots of girly giggles with your very own sexy butler to wait on you. He’s hot and hunky and he knows how to wait on you like a pro.


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“Lovely Gentleman”

Gemma Simpson

“Just like to say the butler was was a brill! Thanks for arranging them & also thanks for your services. Will book the cheeky butlers again.”

What will a cheeky butler wear?

Hey cheeky bum

Cheeky butlers are bum baring waiters who attend to your every need, but just how much flesh they show is up to you. You can choose to have your sexy butler wait on you in his boxers, he’ll wear a cheeky bow tie and cuffs so he really looks the waiting part! Or you might want something a little more sophisticated, in which case your cheeky butler can turn up in his suit trousers, but still stay bare chested, you all want to see that hunky chest!. But if you want your party waiter to be really cheeky, have him wait on you in nothing but a butt baring apron. He’s not shy and he won’t mind flashing you his behind! How much of this hunky guy you want to see is up to you.

What occasions can I hire cheeky butlers for?

Any excuse!

Our sexy butlers can wait on you and your guest at your party, whatever the occasion is. Cheeky butlers are popular with hens who want some cheeky fun on their hen do, but these hunky waiters are also great for birthday parties, leavers do, or just a girls night. Our cheeky butlers are totally mobile and can attend to you at your party wherever it is. They’ll wait on you at the club you have your private party in, at your hotel, and they can be there at your home to serve your drinks and snacks if you’re having a girls night in, they’ll even do the washing up! These guys know how to treat a lady and you won’t have to lift a finger at your party, no matter what you are celebrating.

How much does it cost to hire Sexy Butlers?


The cost of hiring your Sexy Butlers for your party will vary depending on a few things. The location, whether it’s in your home or a club or other venue, could change the cost of your cheeky butlers for hire, and the city centre location you are partying in, could also affect the price. We have a comprehensive list of UK cities our cheeky butlers are based in and they can attend to you at your party no matter where you are. We cover all major UK cities so check out our locations today. The cost of hiring sexy butlers for your party could also depend on how long you want your sexy butler to wait on you for, and how many guests will be at your party. You may need more than one sexy butler in which case the cost will be higher. To find out how much it will be to hire your sexy butler for your party, get a free quote today and get ready for some cheeky, butt baring fun!