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Omg Seriously

YEAP, you can hire a male dwarf stripper for your party or hen do, and yes, he will get totally naked! If you’ve ever heard the term ‘the best things come in small packages’ this little guy can prove to you it’s true. He might be a small guy in height, but that doesn’t mean he’s small everywhere!

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Little Dwarf

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Tessie Phillips

“Such a thrilling time. Mary was in hysterics. Bless her. Thanks though appreciate your arranging this for us. Was a brill weekend”

It’s Crazy!

Our hot dwarf strippers are loads of fun, these guys really know how to party, they have all the moves, they‘re small and sexy, and they’ll strip for your hen. You and your hens are about to find out if size really does matter, and just what his proportions are! You’ll never look at a dwarf the same again after this! He’s small and sexy and he can arrive in any costume you like…though it won’t be staying on for long!

What does a female dwarf stripper do?

Your be surprises

What your little women stripper does is up to you. You want to have fun on your stag do and this pocket rocket can be the hot dwarf you never knew you’d love! She can do her sexy routine, in the costume of your choice, and she can do a complete strip. That’s right guys, this feisty little female will get totally naked for you and your stag. Ever wondered what a naked sexy dwarf really looks like? She’s hot and you’re about to find out!

But if you want to really shock your stag you can hire your naked female dwarf stripper to turn up as Miss Whiplash. She’ll dominate and humiliate your stag, and he’ll never live it down! This fierce little dominatrix may be small, but she what she lacks in size she makes up for in handcuffs and whips!

How much is my naked male dwarf?

Its got to be done!

The price of little people strippers depends on a few factors – how long you want your hot dwarfs to party with you for, what you want them to do, and where your stag or hen party will take place. Our dwarfs are based in your UK city wherever you are, they’re ready to party, and they can even travel abroad with you for your party. Let us know what you want and our naked male dwarf strippers and sexy female dwarf strippers will party with you. Get a free quote today and book your little dwarf stripper!