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You can hire female strippers for any occasion you like – birthday bash, leavers do, gents night, but female stripers remain most popular with stags. It’s the most traditional of all stag party activities and is still the one thing no stag do can do without. So if you have a party coming up and you want to surprise the birthday boy or leaver, a stripper is the thing, and if you have a groom to be on his last night of freedom before he ties the knot, a female stripper is a necessity!


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What Can Party Female Strippers Wear?

All the fun ones!

Like everything else in stag world, female strippers offer a more diverse service these days. When it comes to what she’ll be wearing, you have a better choice than ever before. There are the familiar favourites like police woman and nurse, but there are some more unusual ones too. You can book a female stripper in a dominatrix outfit, which is perfect if you’re hiring a stripper who’ll humiliate your stag. Or how about catwoman or wonder woman for your fantasy female stripper? You might decide you want your stripper dressed in a sexy outfit with stockings and suspenders or you could go for a sexy school teacher or the librarian look. It’s up to you.

4 Reasons to Hire a Girl Stripper

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1. Boys will be boys – Female strippers are all about sexy fun on your stag do. A female stripper at a stag do is a long-held tradition that’s still as popular as ever. Some stag parties want to keep it tame while others want to push the envelope as far as possible, but one thing’s for certain, boys love a sexy stripper! This is your chance to have the perfect boys night out, and that means a hot stripper babe!

2. The choice is yours – When it comes to booking your female stripper you want to get it just right. We know you lads all like strippers, who doesn’t? But we also know your tastes differ. If your stag’s a bit bashful or you just think he wouldn’t want anything too ‘in your face’ you could book a simple kissagram. She’s tamer than a stripper and won’t go fully nude. Or if your stag has no problems with a sexy stripper go for a strippergram.

3 – humiliate your stag – If your stag likes to talk it up and reckons he can handle anything, or you just want to bring him down a peg or two, you can book a miss whiplash to humiliate and dominate him. Yes, boys, you can book your very own miss whiplash and she’ll show your stag no mercy. The laughs are on you when this dominatrix handcuffs him, tie him down, and whips him! Your stag will never live it down!

4. keep it classy – If your stag or gents party like things a bit more sophisticated, you can organise a ticket only event, or go along to a strip show in a club or venue of your choice. This stripper event is perfect for a gents night out with more sophistication. You still get your sexy female stripper, but you also keep it classy.

How Much Does a Female Stripper Costs?

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The price of a Female strippers depends on what you want as to what you’ll pay. Female strippergrams to sophisticated gents night, regular costume to something more unusual, and depending on how many strippers you require? Get in touch with us today for prices and more info.