Grim Reaper

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It’s all over

Your stag’s is facing the death of his freedom and in case he didn’t realise it you’re here to make sure he knows!

Book your best mate a Grim Reaper and watch him be totally humiliated as he’s shackled to the death of his social life for the entire evening. Our Grim Reaper arrives like the real thing, in full death costume and carrying his reaping axe ready to take your stag’s bachelor soul! The grim reaper is tall and looming, so he can take all those party souls before they give up fun forever and tie the knot! He doesn’t speak at all, but everyone knows why he’s there. He stands silently over your stag as a constant reminder that this is his last chance to have fun. He’ll even be handcuffed to him!



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Dan’s Stag Party

“Lovely time with the fella that attended. A fab sense of humour would recommend this to others. Thanks for sorting it”

Its coming to a end…

Our Grim Reaper is the perfect way to remind your best mate his stag do is his last night of freedom! The Grim Reaper will make sure your stag has fun before his social life is dead once and for all! His days are numbered and he’ll soon be confined to matrimonial hell!

Just watch the look on your stag’s face when the Grim Reaper turns up at his party and handcuffs himself to him. You can’t escape the Grim Reaper!