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Ever wondered if you have hidden artistic talents? Fancy yourself as the next Tracey Emin? Or maybe you just want to have a good laugh while you and your hens try to create something that resembles a human being. Whatever your artistic talent, or lack of it, a life drawing hen party in Birmingham is loads of fun and it’s something different to do on your hen weekend. With a hen party life drawing in Birmingham you get a sophisticated and fun activity that gives you all a breather from hitting the shops and sipping those cocktails. Hen life drawing in Birmingham is relaxing and therapeutic and can compliment your spa treatments perfectly, or just give you some time out to try something unusual. But don’t worry hens, this is still classic hen party stuff. It’s high in laughs and, yes, there’s a hot naked man on hand!


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"Thanks for sending Luke he was hot! The tutor was really bubbly also. All in all verry professional, efficient and above all else it made the hens day. Thanks xx
Your male life drawing hen night in Birmingham features the one thing no hen party can do without – a sexy naked man. And you’re going to have to look at him for quite some time as he poses perfectly still and you do your best to sketch his body. We provide all the artists’ materials for your hen life drawing in Birmingham, we even give you artists’ berets so you really get into the spirit of creating art. Our hot male models are all professionals and they know how to hold those poses for you, but they can also give you pointers on how best to bring out your hidden arty talents. Or, we can also send a professional art tutor along for you, this guy might be serious about art, but he’s loads of fun and he has all the hen party banter.
Your nude life drawing hen party in Birmingham can take place wherever you like. Our male models are flexible and mobile and they can arrive at your hen party to strip off for you, or we can arrange a venue for you, we know all the best places in Birmingham for laugh-a-minute life drawing. Or our hunky model can arrive at your hen party in your own home and you can draw his sexy bod right there! life drawing classes for hen parties in Birmingham are relaxed and light hearted. It doesn’t matter if you can draw or not, this is a fun activity for everyone, but if you do have hidden artistic talents, what better way to discover them than at a life drawing Birmingham hen party with all your best mates? Your Birmingham hen party life drawing male model will even choose his favourite piece of art at the end and the winner gets a bottle of wine.
Book a life drawing class in Birmingham as part of your hen weekend and arrange it in your hen party schedule. Shop till you drop, try out all your favourite cocktails, and then relax with pencil and paper and get in touch with your artistic side.