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  If you’re hosting a hen do in Yorkshire, Hen Party Life Drawing Middlesbrough is the new attraction you need; offering a fun and memorable activity for bachelorettes in the town with a variety of packages to fit your plans. Hen Party Life Drawing is a new trend, and something that most of your party guests won’t have tried before. Rather than stick with the same old cocktail-making class and boozy night out, take an hour or two out of the hectic plans to slow down, get creative… and have a good giggle with life drawing. On the books at Hen Party Life Drawing Middlesbrough is a huge range of beautiful male and female models, so you can tailor your drawing session to your Bride-to-be’s preference. Whether she’s into muscles or a dad-bod, black or white skin, or even ginger hair, we’ll have someone for you – and of course, you’ll get to see them in the buff!


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The great thing about Hen Party Life Drawing Classes in Middlesbrough is that it works on so many levels, for so many guests. Your party-loving friends will enjoy the cheekiness of a beautiful bare bod, any arty types will appreciate the science within, and any older guests such as Mothers or Grandmothers can’t be too prudish: after all, it’s art, not strippers! It’s a handy way too to get around any man-bans from the Future Hubby.
Depending on your party needs, Hen Party Life Drawing Classes in Middlesbrough can last an hour or two, at the venue of your choice (we’ve hosted classes in bars, pubs, village halls and private homes) and with or without an Art Tutor. Your choice of marvellous model is included, as is all necessary materials such as aprons, easels, pencils, paints and pens. This needn’t be just an arrive-stand-draw-leave function either, but rather we can offer a range of interactive games to delight your guests and keep everyone engaged throughout.
Our Art Tutors can judge the mood of the room to tailor the session for you and ensure everyone’s enjoying themselves. Should you wish to take a real novelty ‘photobooth’ style feel to the session, we can bring fancy dress props with us too; but we do ask of course that you don’t photograph our models while they’re disrobed – some things that happen at the hen party, stay at the hen party!
There’s lots to do in Middlesbrough for hen parties, but if you really want to stand out from other hens and give your Bride-to-be a time to remember, a life drawing class for your hen party is ideal. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more about the packages available, the venues we serve and the availability of our calendar… and the most fun part, of course – to pick your life drawing model! Auditions don’t take place face-to-face, but we’re more than happy to supply pics and advise based on your Bride-to-be’s tastes.