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 So, there’s no doubt that when it comes to a hen party life drawing in Newport, you’re going to want the best. No one can blame you for that – your event is so important and to get it wrong would be atrocious. However, there’s a lot of different options to consider and many various reasons why you need to try and get the best from any provider you opt for, and so we’re going to be examining some of the different reasons why you need to consider this particular type of activity.


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Sophie's Hen Party

“Such a laugh”

Chloe's Hen Party

“Great times”

Josie Bevan

"Thanks for sending Luke he was hot! The tutor was really bubbly also. All in all verry professional, efficient and above all else it made the hens day. Thanks xx

So, What Do We Provide?

Well, we want to make sure that you are getting the most from a service, and so we aim to give you everything that you will need for a positive experience. This means that we provide you with the model, the tools to draw with and the resources that you’re going to need for success. It’s all part of our ongoing aim to give you the very best because we know that you deserve it.
Smiles For a Night. One of the first things that we’re going to make sure that we do is provide you with the best in terms of models for the exercise. They’re people who are friendly, professional and know how to put you at ease at what is a difficult time. You’ve got so much to look forward to when it comes to a hen night, and we would not want to deprive you of any part of the experience, which is why we aim to give you nothing but the best when it comes to a hen party life drawing.
Customer Service That Cares. So, when it comes to giving you what you need, we’re a company that does care what our customers think. Everything that we do is for you because we know exactly what it means to get the most from any type of experience. All of our staff are trained to accommodate your needs and requirements, and they endeavour to make sure that you’re comfortable with what’s going on at all times. We know that a hen party life drawing Newport can be something of a different experience and not all of your guests will appreciate it but at the same time, they’re keen to enjoy something new.
Get In Touch – We’d Love To Chat. So if you’re looking for the best in terms of life drawing activities for your event, then we’re going to be making sure we chat to you about your specific needs and requirements. We know that every person has a right to talk about their unique needs, and so we always endeavour to give you the very best. Our entire team of staff are standing ready to make sure you get the maximum level of satisfaction from your time with us, so please do not hesitate to get in touch and talk about what you need – we would love to hear from you.