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 A hen party means a lot to the bride to be before she gets married. No denying to the fact that life after marriage will change and thus before finally hooking up the hens party is something where the bride along with other friends enjoy most. There are many ideas about how to make the party a different one and a life drawing hen party Norwich is indeed a great idea. You must have idea about what is hen party life drawing Norwich! Even if you do not know about it just Google the term and you will learn about the exquisite and exotic way to spend the night before marriage.


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"Thanks for sending Luke he was hot! The tutor was really bubbly also. All in all verry professional, efficient and above all else it made the hens day. Thanks xx
Arranging a life drawing hen party. A hen party is a party where only girls are allowed and boys are strictly prohibited. Now, if you wish to make this party happening in some different way then why not go for life drawing Norwich hen party. The name itself explains how different the party is. It’s all about life drawing of a nude male model in front of you. True, the model is the only male who will be entering the hen party, not as guest but as host.
During a male life drawing hen night in Norwich different hens or women will join in the party. They will be given with drawing equipment including papers and colour pens and pencils. Even though many hens may not be an expert in drawing but the tutor will guide them how to draw. Above all during nude life drawing hen party in Norwich the girls enjoy the company of the model who is simple awesome. It’s not only about drawing but spending those hours with the model that are totally nude!
Enjoying the night in different way. Before you start discussing with the agency about a life drawing hen party you have to think about whether you want it to be held during night time or day time. Most of the bookings are during night time so if you too choose that slot make sure you make your bookings early or else you may not get your favourite model. Many want to arrange a life drawing Norwich hen weekend and they should also do the arrangement early. Just make sure that someone will bring in the costumes and other accessories so that the Norwich hen party life drawing male model can be drawn! If not we got you covered here also!