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Looking for naked male models for your Hen party life drawing in Reading? There’s definitely a lot of things you can do while you’re at a hen party in Reading. From the drinks to the awesome food and the crazy games you can play with your best friends, the options available to you when it comes to entertainment are limitless. However, if you’re looking to take things to a whole new level, then a life drawing hen party Reading is the next way for you to go.


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Create your own masterpiece. With life drawing, you get the opportunity to create your very own masterpiece of a man. The life drawing activity is something that every attendant at your hen party can easily join in on, and it is loads of fun. Life drawing has become one of the most popular hen party activities in recent time, and it’s no wonder why. It takes the hen party (which, on its own, is definitely a lot of fun already) and adds hunky, svelte men into the mix. So instead of having a normal naked butler to make things fun for you, you can also let them join in and make naked drawings of them too. If you have ever wondered what it looks like to make artistic renditions of men with broad shoulders, cheeky abs and well-sculpted buns, then this is your chance to see what it’s like. It’s an activity that will definitely bring you and your girls much closer.
Show off your skills. A Reading hen party life drawing could be your chance to show off your artistic skills. If you’re a skilled artist and you’ll like something that you can actually shine at, then this is without a doubt your best chance.  Go for it – you never know. Share laughs, create memories. Of course, this is one of the most fun activities you could possibly engage in. You get to see the funny drawings of your friends, and you can take turns laughing at each other. If that’s not fun, then what is? The hen party life drawing activity is a wonderful way for you and your friends to make memories and share moments that you will all appreciate and cherish for the rest of your lives.
You can get as many models as you want. Depending on how many guests you are having, you can easily get even more naked butlers to engage in your life drawing classes as well. Split yourselves into groups, and give your best shot at capturing the male form in all of its glory. Ready to boost your Hen party life drawing Reading? So what are you waiting for? Give your hen party a nice boost with a once-in-a-lifetime life drawing Reading hen weekend. Our service is top notch because we care for our customers and we want you to have fun. Call us now to make a booking or to get your instant price online for life drawing hen party Reading.