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 Swansea, the second largest city in Wales, is the perfect place for you to experience something new, like the Swansea hen party life drawing. So, if you are planning a hen party, you need to include a hen party life drawing in Swansea. It’s a classy and cheeky activity and is surely a fun way for you to celebrate the last day of being single. You and friends will enjoy every moment. Find out more about what your Swansea hen party life drawing and why you need to include this activity in your hen do party. A Swansea hen party life drawing is an activity that includes Swansea life drawing of naked male model or models. And the good part is, you don’t have to be an artist to take part in the activity. But, if you have some drawing experience it would be a great time for you to refine your existing artistic skills. The hen party life drawing begins with the life drawing classes.


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Your life drawing classes for hen parties in Swansea can take place at any venue and your instructor will bring all the materials needed for the class. So, all you need to bring with you is yourself and a hearty laugh. Your hen party life drawing instructor will take the lead by explaining the rules of the class. He will provide tips and tricks to help you create your piece of art. After the introduction of your nude male model, you will then proceed with your drawing. Don’t try to be perfect just have fun and make some basic shapes on the paper – do what you can manage. Our hot naked models are loads of fun and they don’t mind some hen bantering.
Here is why you should consider the Hen Party Life Drawing in Swansea. It’s more creative – instead of the usual hen do party with just naked butlers (which of course are not completely naked) live drawings is more fun and is a very creative way of cheering up the hen do party. It’s a full package – as mentioned before all you need is yourself and your friends. Everything else is provided, from drawing materials to champagne and even your very own naked man. It’s a touch of class and sophistication – compared to strippers, the nude life drawing hen party in Swansea is more sophisticated. It’s the ideal mix of class and getting wild. You will have girly giggles and some “awe” moments, especially when your male model strikes some tempting poses.
Don’t limit your hen weekend to shopping, and sightseeing alone. The inclusion of the live drawing activity will enhance your hen do party entertainment. Your friends will certainly enjoy their Swansea life drawing weekend and will be talking about it for years to come. Moreover, our attractive and muscular naked models will make sure that you have a fantastic hen party life drawing session.
Ready to book nude men for your Swansea hen party life drawing? Swansea is the perfect place for you to let your hair down and have some fun. Get your instant price quote right here for a naked male model who will give your hen party the excitement and laughter it deserves. Our naked male models are classy and sophisticated professionals who will surely make you experience something new.