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 Looking to bring a bit of fun to the West Midlands? Throwing a hen party in Wolverhampton and want to do your best to make the bride blush? Then you need to call on the aid of the male models who work our life drawing hen parties in Wolverhampton. Hen party life drawing Wolverhampton-style sees you and your friends catered to be an attention male model whose primary job is to sit back, smile, and do as you tell him to. Who could want anything more than that? In all seriousness, though, making a hen night a life drawing night is a great way to spice up a girls’ celebration while enjoying the sight of a gorgeous, naked man. The bride-to-be – or whoever else you want to fluster – will be thanking you for your thoughtfulness, if only after she stops blushing.



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Josie Bevan

"Thanks for sending Luke he was hot! The tutor was really bubbly also. All in all verry professional, efficient and above all else it made the hens day. Thanks xx
Setting Up Your Night. What does a life drawing hen party in Wolverhampton look like? First: pick any day of the week on which to host your hen party. Once everyone’s schedules have aligned, pick out your venue and let us know where to send your model of choice. Want to keep the fun at home? No problem at all. Just in town for the girls’ night and need to hole up in a hotel? We can manage that, too. If you need us to take some of the stress of venue-hunting off of your shoulders, we can even book a venue for you where you can host your nude life drawing hen party in Wolverhampton. With the date set and the venue picked out, though, you can move on to the real fun – finding your perfect male model.
Finding Mr. Right. The male model you call in for your life drawing hen party in Wolverhampton will join you for ninety minutes. As such, you’ll get to choose in advance what kind of eye candy you’ll be staring at. Want to bring on a hot blonde? Or if the bride-to-be more partial to brunettes? Whatever your taste, we’ll be able to provide. All of our male models are consummate hosts and astute professionals. They’ll be able to banter with the whole of your party while still making sure that the bride-to-be or other guest of honour feels as special as possible. Brides even get to participate in the live drawing night for free!
Speaking of free: you’ll get all sorts of goodies when you sign up for a live drawing hen party in Wolverhampton. The drawing pads and charcoal that you’ll be using to capture the essence of your personal Adonis will be provided for you, and, upon request, your whole party will be gifted a set of artistic berets to wear as they work! Your male model of choice can even provide you with a bit of bubbly in order to get everyone in a giggly mood. Just chat with us in advance and let us know what kind of experience you’re looking for, and we – not to mention our male models – will do our best to ensure that your needs are not only met, but surpassed. Don’t wait! The male models in Wolverhampton are waiting for you. Host a life drawing hen party in Wolverhampton, and you and your girlfriends will have the time of your life.