Hen Pole Dancing

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Wrap-around fun!

Pole dancing was once a bit of a taboo, only ever seen in strip clubs, but now it’s well and truly branched out of the strip club and into the fitness arena. Pole dancing has become a very popular way to keep fit, but it’s also sexy and loads of fun to try.

You’ll start with some basic dos and don’ts in your hen party pole dance class, no one wants any accidents on the hen weekend, and then your tutor will show you how it’s done. You’ll be taught how to do the Crucifix Climb, which you should all end up being expert at, and if you feel like you’ve really tapped into your inner pole princess, you can move and have a go at the Air Invert. But don’t worry if you can’t do the moves, this is loads of fun and you can all have a good laugh as you give it a go!

Have some bubbles and a laugh with your hens, then get on the pole and laugh even more as you all learn how to pole dance!


 Hens on Poles 

  Dance Moves 

60 – 90 mins

 Party Instructor 

 Free Wine 

And much more…

Kay Lowes

“Thanks for arranging this for us. Kelly thoroughly enjoyed herself. Great weekend with friends. Thanks for booking this for us xx”

What cities offer pole dancing for hens night?

We got you sorted

Our pole dancing instructor is ready with her poles in all UK cities and Dublin, so wherever you are you can learn to pole dance like a pro!

Where are the dance studios?

Pole dancing classes are held at dance studios in the city centre, as this makes it easier for everyone to get to and puts you right in the centre of the action., but if you have a venue in mind already just let us know.

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What is the price for a hen do pole dancing class?


The cost of your pole dancing class varies depending on where you are located, the size of your group and how long you want your class to last.

What should I wear for the dancing class?

You can wear what you like for your pole dancing class, but it’s advisable to keep it comfortable. To get the most out of the experience, choose an outfit that you can move easily in, any kind of sports wear would be fine, leggings and a T shirt, you could even go for a leotard!