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Are you hosting a ticketed ladies night? Or organising a ladies event or charity do? Need some cheeky entertainment? We’ve got in covered with our ladies night drag acts, male strippers, and butlers.


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Event Ladies Night

“Crowd loved it”

Manager @ The Kings Arms Pub

“The whole night was executed perfectly by celebrate just right – the drag was great & the strippers, the girls loved them. Had great feedback from the guest. Will be booking again.”

Can you just hire one act rather than the whole show?

Is the pope catholic?

Yes, you can hire just a stripper or just a drag act or cheeky butler for your ladies night. The choice is yours, ladies!

Can you choose the acts?

Yes you can choose the stripper & butlers. Our serving men and strippers are all toned with model good looks, so it might be a tricky decision, but your time pondering which of these fit guys you want as your personal waiter or stripper will be well spent. When it comes to selecting his outfit you’ll have the option there too.

For drag acts, we select local drag professionals in your area, but we work with you to select the best possible acts for your ladies night.

What is the sequence of your ladies nights?

Simply the best!

Cheeky butlers can meet and greet as your guests arrive. Your drag act will host the night and our hunky strippers can fit into time slots between the drag act. For example – stripper > drag > stripper > drag. It’s totally flexible, you could maybe hire Ann Summers party host for intervals during the night.

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on the amount of performers required, the duration required for each performer, which city you’ll be in and other factors. To find out how much our ladies night will be, get a free quote today!