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You have been planning for a hen party for your girlfriend for quite some time now. And, you want it extraordinary. Yes, you want to leave an indelible mark in your girlfriend’s mind that she will cherish to remember – for a lifetime. What more can you do than finding a male stripper in Birmingham to invigorate the occasion?


Well, we have a pool of male strippers in Birmingham who will light up the night with a mish-mash of sexy fun that you’ve never experienced. We don’t just cater for hen parties but we also reinvigorate ladies’ night out and birthday parties. We offer what you are craving for but lack the words to express.


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What our Birmingham Male Strippers offer

You begin by booking our services and selecting any of our sexy hunks. You will then explain to your preferred Birmingham male stripper on what you expect from the night. You can also explain to him where you prefer to host your show or even seek suggestions from him on the most ideal location. Once you are done with the preparations for the event, expect to indulge in all your wildest fantasies. Our strippers will take you through well-choreographed dancing routines that will leave the crowd screaming. Expect some fun fantasies, strip tease, and some few pranks that will last 20-25 minutes. Also, our brawny Birmingham male strippers will mesmerise you with their acrobatic antics. There will be some floor humping, rhythmic pelvic thrust, butt cheek shaking, and of course, the much-envied lap dancing for the hen for the party girl. If you have ever watched the magic mike movie, then this will offer you what you saw there –and more!


To make the experience more humorous, you will have the opportunity of choosing the appropriate outfit for Birmingham male stripper. We have everything from military ensembles to police uniforms. With numerous options available, you will have time to decide what you want. To crown the experience, our semi-naked cheeky hunky butlers will take care of your guests that night. They will greet your guests, serve tables, serve cocktails or play party games. The strippers will also take you through some whipped cream, baby oil, whips, and party games to keep you infuse some fun into the night. Rest assured that our cheeky butlers will offer you a 5-star service.
When you’re trying desperately to get a Male Stripper in Birmingham, it can sometimes be so upsetting when you have bad experiences with a lot of companies. This wasn’t the problem here, however, as we thoroughly enjoyed our time and had the best service! We liked being made to feel like we were important and valued, and the guy who showed up at the hotel had no problem getting and seemed to be very relaxed and comfortable with what he was doing. He was a lot of fun to spend the evening with, and his performance was exceptional, thank you!
Strippers. There’s no question; they’re tricky to find. Or, instead, they were until just recently. When we went looking for a Black Male Stripper in Birmingham, we wanted to get the best one for our special night. Thankfully, as soon as our guy walked through the door, he put our minds to rest. A calm and smooth professional throughout, he interacted well with everyone and seemed to care how much enjoyment we got from the night genuinely. The attention we received from start to finish was exceptional, and the reason why I can recommend to anyone this service.

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If you want the most professional male stripper in Birmingham, then you can trust us for an impressive experience. Anyone in Birmingham looking for the sexiest and most talented strippers has always contacted us. Our personalised customer service as attested by our testimonials confirms our professionalism. When it comes to pricing, we offer very competitive rates based on location. You can always be assured that you will get value for money for your service.
I was quite nervous at first about booking a Male Strippergram Birmingham! It was my first time, and I wanted to get it right for my friend. So, despite doubts, I went ahead and booked someone. Thankfully, within five minutes of the stripper showing up, my suspicions were washed away. He was a professional and warm man, who made everyone feel involved and was exceptionally skilled at what he did. My friend, the birthday girl herself, was so pleased with the entire night that I’m in the good books for life! Thanks so much for making this a reality!
I’m so happy to report that my experience in hiring a Male Strippergram Birmingham has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost from the beginning, my friends and I knew that we wanted to celebrate a hen night in a big way – after all, how many times does someone get married? So with that in mind, we picked out a man who managed to charm his way past the front desk of the hotel and then come to our room and give us a real show! It was such a great night, and we’re so glad we were brave enough to take the plunge, thanks!
I’m not new to the world of strippers. However, finding a reliable place to book a Male Stripper in Birmingham? Well, that’s more difficult than you might think. You’ve got to find a company who’s professional and discreet, and here I’ve hit the jackpot. The man we booked came to our home, didn’t make a fuss or a scene, but instead just gave a great show and was an excellent addition to the night. There’s no doubt that given a choice, I would hire him for an event again, and I can recommend you give this a go as well!