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Are you searching for the best male strippers in Blackpool? We know that when it comes to selecting the best Blackpool male strippers, you will go to the internet and engage in a searching exercise as you compare. Fortunately, with your arrival on this page, your search is finally over. Ladies, there is nowhere you can get better! Trust us when we say that we have what your girls are craving for. Why waste time looking for male strippers and end up getting some old middle aged hunks. We offer you brawny young men who will electrify your girls only outing, birthday party, hen party and more!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What the hunks in Blackpool offer

You only need to book for our Blackpool male stripper services and we will ensure that you have an extraordinary night experience in Blackpool. And, you will choose any of our sexy male strippers whom you prefer to rock the party. Once you agree on your preferred stripper, he will help you in selecting the most popular bar, restaurant or venue in Blackpool where you will host your event. Whether you need the party done in your home or a hired cottage, we will always give your preferred selection a priority. Imagine how your guest will react when your handsome hunk steps into the party venue! Fully equipped and prepared to showcase his sexy antics, and decked out in your preferred attire. Well, expect some 20-25 minutes of exhilarating dancing performance from your chosen Blackpool male stripper.
Picking a Male Stripper Blackpool can be a challenge, that’s for sure! You always have to deal with the idea that you might not get the service you’re looking for – that wasn’t the case here. We found that our experience was a good one from start to finish. The man got into the hotel fine and came up to us without causing any issues. He was polite, respectful and yet a lot of fun all at once, and we never felt like we’d wasted our money. It was so much fun from start to finish, and I’d recommend to anyone.
The thing about finding a Black Male Stripper in Blackpool is that you’ve got to look for those people who are professionals through and through – it makes all the difference on your night. When we hired a stripper for our event, it went down without any problems at all. The man we got was easy to talk to, gave us the show we hoped for and was exceptionally polite. It’s these little details which just make all the difference when you’re hiring a stripper, and so we’re so happy we invested in one. It was worth it.
Be assured that your bawdy stripper with muscular arms and a rock-hard six-pack will take you through some provocative dance routines that will charm your hen or party girl and leave the guests craving for more. The entire episode will be a re-enactment of the much-publicised magic mike moves. If you want something more risqué, then our male strippers in Blackpool will offer it by showing some smutty episodes characterised by removing their clothes to make the crowd go weak at the knees. And if you need more, our attractive buff butlers with bare bums will be there to make your event unforgettable. You can select your preferred costume that you want your male stripper to wear. Whether you want your male stripper dressed in a sexy cop costume ready to frisk and handcuff the hen, or as a naval officer in white uniform typical of the character in the movie “officer and a gentleman” or any other theme, you can always get it.

Why book a male stripper in Blackpool?

We provide talented Blackpool male strippers who are professional and adhere to the highest customer service standards. We cherry-pick from Blackpool only the sexist and most talented hunks for our team. We pride ourselves of the testimonials of our customers who have appreciated our service. Our pricing is competitive depending on the location and the duration you require the strippers. You are guaranteed of value for money for your investment in our strippers. Looking for a male stripper in Blackpool? Get an Instant price online now.
Finally, a positive experience with strippers. Let’s make one thing clear – I’ve tried to hire them out before and it’s gone wrong. The problem I’ve always had with Male Strippers in Blackpool is that people aren’t committed to giving an excellent service. So to have this night go down smoothly was a welcome relief. To the amusement of our hotel staff, the stripper came through the building with confidence and was amiable from the beginning. Our birthday girl definitely had an experience to remember, and she talks about it on occasion still. Thanks for changing my mindset about this service for the better!
What makes a stripper hire excellent? Well, it’s typically down to a handful of select characteristics – professionalism, commitment and discretion. Our experience blended all three with humour and good memories. We hired an Asian Male Stripper in Blackpool, and he was a lovely man who made us all feel involved and welcome. His performance was great, and he left the bride to be in fits of laughter more often than not. She loved the whole experience, and that’s exactly what we were going for when we booked. It’s all down to the excellent team we worked with, so thank you!
Just wanted to gush about my incredible experience over the weekend! We went for a Male Stripper in Blackpool to make things exciting, and boy was it worth it. From the beginning, as he entered the pub, we knew that the birthday girl was in for a treat! He was warm, charismatic and commanded the room with his skills, and left us all hoping he’d stay longer than he did! The best addition to the evening we could have expected for, and it makes such a difference to the atmosphere. We hope the chance to book again will come soon in the future!