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If you and your girls are contemplating about having a hen’s night, then it cannot be complete without a male strip show. And, it cannot make sense if you don’t get the best male strippers to run the show. And, you can only get the sexiest Bradford male stripper from us. Our male strippers provide a mouth-watering allure that makes women go into a frenzy. We don’t just cover male stripper for hen parties in Bradford, we also grace your birthdays, girls-out weekends and many more.


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
Once you book a stripper from us, expect them to entertain you with their well-choreographed, funny and entertaining dance moves and routines. With a Bradford male stripper in the house, irrespective of whether you are holding the party in a cottage or home, your party will rock like you were in some nightspot or bar. Where you choose to hold the party greatly determines how the entire experience pans out. Fortunately, our strippers understand how to identify good locations that fit the theme of your party and will help you select the best venue in Bradford. And, if you want the party held at a place convenient to you, we will still avail ourselves. Once you choose your male stripper and he arrives at the show, your girls’ only crowd will go wild. You will go through an adrenaline-charged session that will involve gymnastics and a little bit of teasing. Our Bradford male strippers will ensure that you get what you expect from the show. Expect some stripping, some party games, baby oil, audience participation, whipped cream, baby oil…and anything else that will bring fun.
I was entering entirely new territory when I went looking for a Male Stripper in Bradford. But, I had a birthday night to prepare, and so I pushed forward. To my delight, the process was effortless. Not only were all the staff polite and easy to get on with, but the man they sent for the birthday girl was such a sweetie. It helped to make my experience a good one, and I would happily recommend this business to anyone! You helped to save my night, and I’ll never forget that. Thanks for giving everyone smiles and leaving the birthday girl giggling for hours.
Hello, I just wanted everyone to know how great our experience with you was! When we went looking for a Mixed Race Male Stripper in Bradford, we weren’t sure what to expect. However, we were so pleased with the level of service that we did get. It was a delight to see the stripper interact so well with everyone, including the bride to be. He was charming, full of tricks and kept us all entertained. It was a wonderful experience for everyone, and I would quite happily recommend that you give it a go. You only live once after all, and it made the hen party a success!
Miss Ges
If you’ve ever hired a Male Strippergram Bradford, you’ll know that it can be awkward if the company isn’t professional. This was not the case! Our stripper was easy to hire, was a lovely guy, and turned up to give us a great show with plenty of memorable moments. I needed this to go well for the sake of my friend, and she was the happiest birthday girl you’ve ever seen. From the moment he left, she was laughing and asking us if we remembered ‘that moment when’, and I think we pulled off the best birthday she’s had in years!
Your purchased 20-25 minutes of splendid performance will not end without getting to see how our strippers will perform their well-choreographed manoeuvres. And, your party girl will get to taste the feeling of a sensual lap dance. You will also be entertained by the rhythmic pelvic thrust and Butt cheek shaking from our male strippers in Bradford. In short, your crowd will experience the entire magic mike choreography they have been accustomed to watching on the screen. Your crowd will be left melting on the knees. To make the party even more appealing, our strippers will come there dressed in your favourite outfit. Whether you want a teacher, soldier, policeman or even construction worker, out sexy hunks will come dressed as you want. And just in case you require the services of a bare bum’s butler, our brawny hunks will be there to enthral your girls as they serve them cocktails.

Why book a male stripper in Bradford?

Our Bradford male strippers are very professional and adhere to the highest customer service standards. Our hiring policy is very strict; we only hire the sexist and most talented hunks. You are assured that you will receive value for money for your investment in our Bradford male strippers. Our pride is in our in testimonials of our customers who have appreciated our service over the year. Our pricing is competitive depending on the city and the duration you require the strippers. Looking for a Bradford male stripper? Get an instant price online now.
When you look for a Male Stripper in Bradford, you search for one particular thing, and that’s quality. Thankfully, that’s what we get. Our hire of a stripper for the birthday girl was a total success. She loved every part of the experience and was smiling from ear to ear. The stripper we did hire was discreet as well, arriving quietly to the property and being professional from his first word. He set a shining example of what we will expect from this type of service going forward, and he helped to make the night a success. If you read this, thanks!
My experience with hiring out a Male Strippergram Bradford is as positive as you can get. From the beginning, I knew that I was in good hands. Booking was easy, and we were assured that he would arrive at the event without causing a scene. Thankfully, this was entirely true, and the chosen stripper turned up to the pub where the hen party was held with ease. He was considerate, polite and gave a great performance. Our bride to be had the most wonderful time and was enjoying every second. He paid personal attention to her and made her day, so thank you to all.