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You Brighton babes have the advantage over other hens, your cool, chic city by the sea has the most diverse range of things for hens to do on their party weekend. This is one city where finding unusual activities isn’t a problem, and with its range of cool bars, restaurants, boutiques and sights to see, you’ve got a fun packed hen do ahead of you. But when you’ve partied on the pier and you’ve enjoyed all the shopping and cocktails this ‘little London’ has to offer, you still need something traditionally hen party. With a Male stripper in Brighton, you’ve got it!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
Your male stripper in Brighton is the most fun you can have with your clothes on…and his off! This Brighton beau is a professional so he knows how to perform the perfect strip routine to music that’ll drive you eager hens wild! He’s hot, he’s sexy, and he’s ready to party with you! Where you want your Brighton male stripper to do his thing is up to you ladies. This is your party and he’ll follow your lead. He can arrive at your organised night out wherever it is, just let is know where and when, and he’ll surprise your hen with his cheeky sexy performance.
You can have him embarrass her with his naughty stripper props, like handcuffs, and this is one guy who knows how to push things to total embarrassment levels if you want him to. Or, if your hen would rather keep things low key you can have him turn up at your house and do his thing there for your select group of guests. This is more personal and is perfect for hens who don’t want a public spectacle and want to enjoy some cheeky fun before you hit the town. But if you want to take the hassle out of organising things yourself, we can do that for you, we know all the top Brighton spots for a hot male stripper party and we can book the venue for you.
My experience hiring out a Male Stripper in Brighton was exceptionally positive. All the fears and worries I had about providing my friend, the birthday girl, with the best possible night faded when our stripper arrived. He was kind, friendly and made us all feel at home. His professionalism was evident from the moment he stepped into the hotel, charming his way past the many staff and making his way to us discreetly. The bride to be enjoyed her night without question, and she was ecstatic from start to finish. It put a smile on our faces, so thank you to all!
Now let’s get one thing straight. When I was first looking into getting a Male Stripper in Brighton, I had no idea what I was going in for. It never occurred to me that the entire experience might well be an enjoyable one! From the moment this man stepped into the room, he was a professional. Everything he did and said was designed to make us feel at ease, and he had the bride to be exceptionally excited. She maintains that we gave her the best possible end to single life, and that she could marry with no regrets. Mission accomplished, thanks to you!
Your Male Stripper for a hen do in Brighton can also arrive wearing whatever you want. The costume is your choice so you can keep things really traditional and go for a sexy policeman or fireman, or you can have a giggle when he arrives dressed as a superhero. But if you want to really tun up the heat, have him attend your party in one of our sexiest costumes, your hen will be knocked off her feet when she sees this fit hunky stripper.
If you’re the kind of hens who prefer something more sophisticated, you can book a male strip show in Brighton and all watch the performance together. Sit back and relax with a drink with all your best girls sitting with you, and get ready to be amazed when this professional dance troupe takes to the stage and performs their choreographed routines. This is a hot show and you’ll love how these guys move and put on the sexiest show in town. A male stripper show in Brighton is perfect for the hen arranging things herself who wants to call the shots and have the stripper experience of her dreams. But if you still want to embarrass her you can always get her up on stage!
Male stripper hire in Brighton is hot sexy fun with the stripper experience of your choice. So whether you want to arrange a surprise stripper for your unsuspecting hen or it’s your party and you want to book a stunning Brighton male stripper show, we’ve got what you need.
We’ve had many exciting times before, and a lot of experiences which were all born from impulse decisions. However, the act of finding a Black Male Stripper in Brighton was that one we carefully considered. We didn’t want to get things wrong, so we made sure that whoever we hired would be discreet and considerate. He managed to enter the pub where we were having the event and didn’t cause any problems, which was wonderful for the birthday girl. Warm and professional, he made us all feel right at home and helped to make the event a success. Thank you so much for everything you did!
When looking at the best choice for a Male Strippergram Brighton, you tend to see some pretty crazy characters. However, it’s important to remember the end goal, which everyone here was instrumental in helping me reach! We wanted to make sure that he was discreet when he arrived because you know what the neighbours get like! Thankfully, the guy we got was an absolute professional and turned up on time and without causing a scene. He was so good at what he did and put a smile on the face of the birthday girl. We’ll hire from you again!
I’ve never hired out a Male Stripper in Brighton before. It’s a pretty exciting idea, and I’m so glad it went well. I hired someone for my friend who had a birthday. So we booked him in, and this gentleman turns up all smiles and confidence. He put the birthday girl at ease before putting on quite a show. The fact he was easy on the eyes made the whole thing even better! We had the best time, and it was a night we won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you to everyone who made my first experience successful, I’ll be back in the future!