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Is your friend having a birthday? Could your girlfriend be tying a knot and you want to host a hen party for her? Do you need something amazing for the event? Maybe you should consider the best of male entertainment and you will have an evening to remember. You can hire a Canterbury male stripper who will ensure that your party experience exceeds your wildest fantasies.


You will get hot male strippers who can entertain any occasion. Our male strip show in Canterbury will not lack the allure and frenzy that you expected when you hired us. Expect our hunks to sweep you away by their breath-taking moves while playfully flirting with you.


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What the hunks in Canterbury offer

The moment you book us for an interactive show, your preferred sexy stripper will meet you and engage you on what is expected from the show. You will inform the stripper of your selected location of the event, and he will advise and/or help you get one of the most attractive locations in Canterbury.

Our Canterbury male strippers have love to wear certain costumes whenever they perform, so you will have to clarify which character you prefer for the event. Whether you want a police officer, fireman, construction worker, or army, we will come there as you wish. The stripper begins the show with a captivating music to arouse the mood of the audience. From then you will be treated with a 20-25 minute performance of a choreographed skit and dance. The hen party or birthday girls will have the first priority and then the stripper will make his way to the attended to ensure everyone has enough fun. Expect a little bit of strip tease, mocks, occasional use of props such as tables, chairs, as well as some audience participation. At the completion of the show, the strippers will be available for some photographs that you will use for your memorabilia.

So, picture this. It’s the birthday of a very old and dear friend, and you want to do something special. So, naturally, you find yourself hiring out a Male Strippergram Canterbury. We really didn’t know who would knock on the door of the house, but we were not disappointed! He was charming, and suave, and put on an excellent display which had us all giggling like teenagers! To cap it all off, he was an excellent sport too, very polite and a lovely man. It was definitely one of the most exciting things the birthday girl has ever had and has raised the bar for all future celebrations to come!
Hi! I’m someone who recently decided to hire out a Male Stripper in Canterbury. And let me tell you – there’s no experience quite like it. From the moment that this charming gentleman walked into the bar, we knew that we were in for a treat. He was gorgeous, and gave us the best show we’d ever seen. And yet, through it all, he remained a consummate professional. It was an absolute delight, and it’s all thanks to yourselves that the hen party was one to remember. So I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone involved in the booking process, you were splendid!
And as if that is not enough, our hunky male strippers in Canterbury will electrify your girlfriends with their stimulating magic mike dance routines. There will be a few mocks and use of baby oil, whipped cream, party games….and many more. If you want to be served by our cheekily hunky butlers, we are prepared for the task. Our semi-nude butlers will wow you with their sassiness as they welcome guests, serve tables, serve cocktails and make everyone comfortable. You can be assured of receiving top-notch service.

Why book a male stripper in Canterbury?

Our professionalism sets us apart from our competitors. Our strippers are handpicked to offer you an incredible experience that you deserve. We offer unmatched customer service to our clients, and our testimonials witness to that. When it comes to pricing, we prioritise service first. We want to see satisfied clients. So we offer very affordable rates and you are assured that you will get value for money for your service.
I’m new to the area, and when it was the birthday of my best friend, I decided I wanted to go on the wild side and give her a night she’d never forget. So after some research, I made the decision to hire a Black Male Stripper in Canterbury. To my delight, the entire thing was easy to do, exceptionally discreet, and the guy we got was a real honey. He gave us a good show and didn’t ever be anything less than a professional and a gentleman. Our birthday girl really enjoyed herself and won’t stop talking about her favourite parts of the night!
We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to have a Male Stripper in Canterbury for our hen night. And so we carefully selected the best choices from the feedback which we saw on the internet. This lead us here, and we were so pleased with the stripper that we got. He was really lovely, and came to our house discreetly and didn’t cause a fuss. The show he put on was highly entertaining, and it really reinforced my belief that we’d made the right choice. I can heavily recommend that you give a stripper a go because they’re great entertainment.
When it comes to celebrating a hen night, there’s one thing that you just can’t go without. That’s a Black Male Stripper in Canterbury, and we were dead set on getting one. So when the man we hired turned up, charm in full force, and came into the house, we knew we’d done the right thing. The bride to be was pretty pleased, and she does still mention it sometimes, to our amusement. There’s no doubt that a lot of the success that we experienced was down to the magic of the staff who helped us book a stripper, so we’d like to thank them!