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Essex girls know how to party, right? But we’re not talking stereotypical here, we’re talking pure Chelmsford class! Chelmsford ladies are sophisticated and discerning and you want something classy for your hen do, but this is still a hen do and no matter what else you might have in mind, you want some hot sexy stripper fun! Look no further, classy ladies, we’ve got what you need! If you’re a Chelmsford local you already know how many great things your city has to offer hens, but if you’re from out of town and you’re partying in Chelmsford you’re about to find out just how boujee it is here. Think class, think style, think outrageous fun, and you’ve got Chelmsford!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
So, you want a male stripper for your hen do in Chelmsford? We’ve got ‘em! These guys are loads of fun, they’re hot and sexy, and they just love hens. Your Male Stripper in Chelmsford loves some hen do banter and he’s cheeky, but he’s also a professional performer so he knows how to give you what you want. He can strip for you whenever and wherever you want. Book him for your organised party and he can arrive and totally surprise your hen. He’ll bring his fun stripper props, like handcuffs, and he’s not afraid to use them! Or, have him party with you at your house before you head out to town. This is the personal approach and great for any shy hens who don’t want their stripper action in public. But if you haven’t organised anything yet, never fear, we can do all that for you, we know all the top spots in Chelmsford for some cheeky male stripper fun.
When you book your male stripper for hire in Chelmsford you get to choose what he’ll be wearing when he arrives. This is your hen’s first sight of him and if she’s not expecting a stripper you can give her the surprise of her life. Have him appear in typical stripper wear like a policeman or fireman, she’ll soon realise what he’s there for! Or have him wear something more exotic, we’ve got some great sexy outfits for our guys. Or if she loves a certain character from her favourite film, give her her very own fantasy stripper. Your Chelmsford male stripper can be what or who you want him to be. He can even arrive as the suave and sexy businessman!
Chelmsford. Not a place I expected to provide me with a top of the line stripper, but you can be surprised if you give yourself a chance! I hired out a Male Stripper in Chelmsford and was amazed at how easy it was to get one brought to the birthday party we were celebrating. He was a lovely guy and did go out of his way to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. I want to make a point of saying thanks because this level of service is hard to come by nowadays and it makes all the difference!
When I needed a Male Strippergram Chelmsford for a hen night, I knew that yourselves were the only people to turn to. And I was not disappointed at all. Once again, you provided exceptional service, and the guy who turned up was a sweetheart. He had the bride-to-be gushing within a few minutes, and we all enjoyed his performance immensely. There was no doubt that this was the best possible end to the hen night, and we still talk about it sometimes with fond memories. It’s all thanks to the expert service provided, so thank you for giving the bride-to-be the best possible night of freedom!
If it’s your hen party and you want to take control you can book all your hens tickets for a male strip show in Chelmsford. This is Chelmsford stripper fun at its most classy and sophisticated. A male stripper show in Chelmsford is a relaxed evening event in a great venue. You and your hens can chill out with a glass of fizz and watch a whole stage full of hot sexy guys performing their sexy routines. This is a professional show and these guys know how to move, and it’s also loads of laughs, and as these fit strippers all love hens, they might even get you up on stage to join in!
A male stripper for a hen do in Chelmsford is some light heated fun for your hen do. Our hunky guys are all total professionals and they know how to give you the show you want. Whether it’s an intimate performance in your home or a whole troupe of sexy dancers on a stage, you can arrange the experience you want and fit it into your hen schedule however best suits you. A Chelmsford male stripper is a must for any great hen weekend!
So, I’m not someone who hires out a Male Stripper in Chelmsford without thinking it through, and I was so pleased with the service I got that I had to say something! Every element of the booking procedure was easy and straightforward, and I felt like I was important, which makes such a difference. I felt like my friends, and I got the best hen night possible, and it was all thanks to the efforts of yourselves, the stripper and everyone else who helped out. It’s all been worth it to see the smile on the face of the bride-to-be.
Have you ever hired out an Asian Male Stripper in Chelmsford? Well if you’re considering it, allow me to explain that it’s actually a straightforward process. You book one for an event – in our case it was for a birthday party, and then you just sit back and wait for the guy to turn up. He was an absolute charmer when he did show, and it was easy to see his skill at his craft. He had the birthday girl smiling from corner to corner all night long, which was worth all the effort we put in!
So I’d just like to tell you about my incredible experience with hiring out a Male Stripper in Chelmsford! It was an event which really went well and there was a lot of people who felt the hen night wouldn’t have been the same without it. For that reason, I’d like to make sure everyone who was involved knows we’re so grateful! You helped to make the night of the birthday girl an extra special one and we’ll always be thankful for that. The stripper was a lovely guy and turned up without creating any fuss.