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You Cheltenham chics won’t be short of things to do on your hen weekend and everything you do is bound to be full of laughs. You ladies know how to party and you party in style! If you’re a native of this former spa town you won’t be stuck for ideas, and if you’re from out of town and planning your hen do in Cheltenham you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice. Keep it really traditionally Cheltenham and have a spa day or bring it up to date a spend a day at the races. Whatever you do, it’s going to be ladies’ day! But if there’s one thing your hen do just has to have it’s that most traditional of all hen party experiences – a male stripper!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
Your male stripper in Cheltenham is just like a stallion. He’s got stamina, he’s fit, he knows how to move, and you can’t miss his huge talent! When you book a male stripper in Cheltenham you’re getting an absolute professional who knows how to put together the perfect sexy routine and he loves partying with hens. Your Cheltenham male stripper is loads of fun, he’s got all the banter, and he can bring his special hen party props with him to embarrass your hen and show you some cheeky stripper fun. He can fit in with the theme of your party and arrive in a sexy stripper outfit, or you can dress him however you want. Go for the good old serviceman, every girl loves a man in uniform. He can be your very own firefighter or policeman, he can even dress as your own soldier on leave. He might look great in uniform, but he looks even better when he takes it off! Or you could choose a more modern costume, a character from your favourite film, or have him sweep you off your feet in a sophisticated suit and tie. Want your very own James Bond? We’ve got it!
Your male stripper for hire in Cheltenham is totally mobile and he can arrive at your party wherever it is, jus tell us where and when and he’ll be there. But if you want to take the hassle out of organising it yourself we can arrange a venue for you, we know all the top spots in Cheltenham for some hen party male stripper action. Your Cheltenham chap can even arrive at your home and do his thing right there at your house party. He’s flexible…in every way!
So, it’s the week leading up to the birthday of a friend, and someone in our social circle says ‘hey, why don’t we hire a stripper’? Now, it’s normally something I’d consider, but just for once, I thought it would be fun to be daring. And so we went looking for the best Male Stripper in Cheltenham available and got one of the top performers we’ve ever seen. He arrived at the hotel without a single problem and made sure that we all felt included. The birthday girl loved him, and she said it was the best celebration she’d ever had!
Now, when I hire out a Black Male Stripper in Cheltenham, I’ve got certain expectations in mind. Otherwise, I find the service to be lacking. In the case of this stripper, I’m pleased to say that it was exceptional service from start to finish. There was no doubt that the guy we got was a real gem, and knew exactly what he was doing, without any questions. He aimed to make us all feel like we were important, and he managed it while still making the bride happy. Our hen party wouldn’t have been half as good if he hadn’t taken part in it!
If you prefer something more relaxing and laid back you can book tickets for a male strip show in Cheltenham. This is one for you more sophisticated Cheltenham ladies, or for those hens who want an evening event to get dressed up for. At a male stripper show in Cheltenham you can sit back with a drink and enjoy watching a stage full of hot male strippers performing their professionally choregraphed routines. They’ve got the moves, they look amazing, and you won’t believe what they can do! You can even get your hen up on stage to join in with the fun. This is one night you’ll never forget!
A male stripper for a hen do in Cheltenham can be whatever you want him to be. Whether you want a whole stage full of hot hunks stripping for your entertainment, or you want a sexy stripper wearing the costume of your choice giving your hen her own personal show, our Cheltenham male strippers are all experienced professionals who know how to make your hen party memorable and hot and sexy!
So, new to hiring out a Male Stripper in Cheltenham? Well, let me walk you through what to expect with this company. We hired for a birthday celebration, and from the start, it was apparent he was a professional. His entire demeanour was warm, agreeable and charming all at once. You knew that when he walked on into the hotel, he wouldn’t have any problems getting to our room and knocking on that door. The birthday girl herself? Well, she absolutely loved it. As a matter of fact, she now won’t stop talking about it!
Hiring out a stripper used to be all about luck. Once upon a time, you’d have to be careful that you were choosing from the right company. However, what you’ll find nowadays is that picking a Male Strippergram Cheltenham is an easy task. We were lucky to experience nothing but the very best in services when we sought out such a gentleman for the hen party of our dear friend. When we managed to direct the stripper to the bar we were at, he put on an excellent performance for us to watch and made the bride-to-be very happy!
So, imagine for a second that you’re new to Cheltenham. It’s a big place, but you’ve made some fantastic friends. How do you celebrate the hen party of one of your favourite people? You hire out a Male Stripper in Cheltenham of course! That was what we chose to do, and it was an exceptionally thrilling experience. The man who turned up to our hotel room was a pro from beginning to end and made us all feel like we were all young and wild again. It was such a fun experience and brought us all closer together, and I would seriously recommend it!