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Whether you’re a Coventry native or you’re travelling to this historic city to party for your hen do, you’re in for a raucous time when you hit the town in Coventry. Coventry hens are no strangers to being outrageous and taking things to the extreme. Coventry’s most famous heroine, Lady Godiva, set a precedent when she rode through the streets naked on horseback, and Coventry hens have been demanding nakedness ever since! So, when it comes to your hen do in Coventry it’s no surprise you want to see some flesh. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got it covered…or uncovered! With a male stripper in Coventry you get to keep that Coventry tradition alive, only this time it’s a hot sexy guy who’s getting naked!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
Your male stripper in Coventry is a professional who knows how to give you a sexy performance. He can keep it classy and sophisticated or he can get downright naughty! He’ll bring some fun stripper props with him so you can totally embarrass your hen and you can choose the outfit he wears…before he take sit all off! Your Coventry male stripper can be your very own movie star and if you like the suave look he can arrive in a sexy suit and tie. Or you can go for the traditional service man and have your own soldier reporting for duty. If you like a man in uniform you can keep it old skool and have a policeman or fireman arrive and strip for you. He can even dress up as your favourite superhero. We have sexy or fun costumes for our male strippers in Coventry, so your fit stripper can fit into your party theme however you want.
This Coventry hunk loves hen parties and he’ll arrive at your house party or your party venue wherever it is. Just let us know and he’ll be there ready to show you all he’s got. He can perform his routine at your organised party or he can be there for your pre-drinks at home. Or, if you want to let someone else have the hassle of arranging things, we know all the best venues in Coventry for your male stripper party and we can arrange it all for you. Whether you’re the hen’s best friend arranging her a surprise or you’re the hen and you want some stripper fun, we can give you want you need.
So, I needed to find myself a Male Stripper in Coventry. There’s just one problem with that – I didn’t know anyone! So I found yourselves while I was looking around, and my issues were over. Not only was everyone friendly and professional, but there was also complete discretion when I hired out the chosen stripper. This overjoyed me because I wanted more than anything to make sure that the hen party we were planning for our friend went according to plan. It did, and the bride-to-be was ecstatic when she opened the door of her home to find a stripper!
Hiring out a stripper seems to be a complicated process for some places. However, with yourselves it was easy! We needed a Black Male Stripper in Coventry for an event – just a birthday party for a good friend. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult to find one, and he was a lovely guy who turned up at our house without causing a ruckus. It was lovely to see how much he valued his craft and put on an incredible show. Our birthday girl loved the whole thing, and has referred to it since as being the ‘best birthday of her life’!
If you want to make this more of an evening out event, a male strip show in Coventry is the answer for you. This is a professional choreographed show with a stage full of sexy male strippers performing their routines for you while you hens all sit back with a drink and relax. What could be better than that? But don’t worry, you can still embarrass your hen as you can always get her up on stage to join in with the fun. A male stripper show in Coventry is a classy evening out with some cheeky stripper fun and you’ll all be screaming for more when these fit guys start to do their thing.
A male stripper for a hen do in Coventry can be whatever you want it to be. This is your hen’s last night of freedom and as the bride to be she deserves the best a hen do can get. A male stripper at a hen party in Coventry is a must, so book your hot male stripper today or get tickets for that sexy male stripper show, and get ready for a hen do you’ll never forget!
So, what do you expect when you hire out a stripper? It’s nothing like in the TV shows, and I’ll tell you that for nothing. We had to get one organised for our hen night, and so we figured that a Male Strippergram Coventry would be best if it came from yourselves. He was polite, courteous and exceptionally skilled, so we knew that we’d have a good time without any worries. And so, thanks to his efforts, and the work done by yourselves, we had a successful night that the bride-to-be enjoyed, and she wishes she could do it all again.
There’s a lot of unnecessary stigmas involved when you try and hire out a stripper. I thought that despite my initial nerves, it was a natural process that I could confidently do again. We never felt like there were any problems, and the person we got was exceptionally professional. He knew that we were all new to this concept, so he made sure that it was a relaxed and natural atmosphere to put on a show in. He was a lovely man and a perfect example of a Male Stripper in Coventry. He made the hen night a success, so well done to him.
So, we decided as a group that we wanted to have some fun. We wanted to do something a little bit different. And with a birthday coming up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hire out a Mixed-Race Male Stripper in Coventry. No one was exactly sure what to expect, only that what we got was so much more than anything we could have predicted. He was charming and good-looking, but at the same time was a veteran at what he did. So when he arrived at the hotel and knocked on the door, the fun could begin!