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Your hen do in derby is going to be full of laughs, packed with shopping, cocktail tasting, the spa, and all the fun this stunning city has to offer. But whatever you have planned for your hen weekend, you still want traditional hen do elements to your party. This is your last blow out before you become a married woman, so you want it to be fun and outrageous! And what’s the one thing no stand-out hen do can be without? That’s right, ladies, a sexy male stripper!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
Your Male stripper in Derby knows what you hens want, and he’s got it. But there are some choices for you to make before you book your male stripper in Derby. He’s going to be hot, no matter what he wears, but this is ladies’ choice so dress him up how you like before he rips off his clothes! The more traditional of hens might go for their male stripper arriving at the party as a fireman about to whip out his hose, or you might choose a policeman to put you in your place and slap on the cuffs. If you want to go for something different you could have your very own superhero to rush in and save you from disaster, or you could keep it suave and sophisticated with James Bond sweeping you off your feet. Our guys look great no matter what they wear, and let’s face it, they won’t be wearing it for long!
Your Derby male stripper is a professional and he knows how to move while he strips for you. This is one guy who wants to please. He’s flexible, in more ways than one, and he can strip at your party wherever it is. Let us arrange a venue for you and we’ll book you the best place in Derby for your male stripper to perform. Or if you want to keep it laid back and relaxed your fit male stripper can come to your house party and go through his strip routine right there for you. Our guys are totally mobile and they can arrive at your hen do when you want and where you want.
So, let’s get something clear. When you are looking for a Male Stripper in Derby, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. My friends and I hired one out and was informed he’d be arriving at our desired location within the period specified. It was almost as easy as that. From the second he came, we knew that he was going to do a good job. Possessing a beautiful face but also being smart and focused, it was clear that he put our satisfaction ahead of everyone else. It was this drive that led to the best possible hen night!
Hiring out a stripper is a lot like having to try and navigate a three-ring circus sometimes – you get companies who want to slow you down and make your hiring more difficult than it needs to be. However, it wasn’t a complicated process here and with yourselves. I needed a Black Male Stripper in Derby for a birthday party, and the gentlemen we hired arrived at the hotel without any problems at all. He was an absolute professional, and by the time he had left, our birthday girl said it was the best night of her life. Thanks!
But if you want to make more of an evening of this and you want your sexy stripper as part of a show, a male strip show in Derby is the answer. A male stripper show in Derby is the chance for you and your hens to sit back with some bubbles and relax while our hunky male strippers preform their professionally choreographed routine for you. Don’t worry if you want to get your hen in on the action, there is still the chance for audience participation and you can get her up there on stage for all to see. Get ready with your cameras, girls!
A male stripper for a hen do in Derby can be whatever you want him to be. He can arrive at your hen party in Derby in the costume of your choice and he can surprise your hen with his sexy routine and his cheeky hen do banter. He’ll pose for photos with you after and he’s loads of fun. Or you can book a professional strip show for you and your hens to attend and you can watch in awe as these guys dance and strip in their professionally put together strip show. You can even build your hen schedule around this or have your hot male stripper fit into your hen schedule along with other activities. So, what are you waiting for? Book your male stripper for hire in Derby!
So, what do you expect from a Male Strippergram Derby hire service? I guarantee, it’s often not what you thought it would be. You’ll find yourself worrying about what people think, but the truth is, it’s easy. The staff are all lovely, and we had no problems in finding a stripper for our hen night. He had no issue in getting past the hotel staff, who later confided that they saw him as charming and comfortable to get on with. When he came and did a whimsical little knock on the door, and the bride-to-be opened it, then you’ll find that there’s never been such a big smile on someone’s face!
For whatever reason, things like strippers are seen as being taboo and illicit. However, when I set out to hire out a Mixed Race Male Stripper in Derby, I found that all my preconceptions about the industry were wrong. The staff were so polite, and it was easy to find someone for a birthday party. He arrived at the home without causing a scene, and then made sure that the birthday girl enjoyed her night as much as possible. It was a great experience and one which I directly to the brilliance of the company!
Stripper hire isn’t something you have to be awkward about – there’s plenty of people who do it frequently, and all the staff are immensely professional about things. I needed a Male Stripper in Derby to add a bit of spark to my hen night, and I was not disappointed. When this guy knocked on the door and introduced himself, the entire room was surprised but quickly got into the spirit of things. You could tell that this gentleman operated at the highest possible levels of professionalism, and we’d like to say that he was an absolute sweetheart!ce!