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Ever wondered what a Scotsman has on under his kilt? If you don’t already know, you’re about to find out! When you book a male stripper in Edinburgh you’re getting more than just a hot guy who takes his clothes off, you’re getting a sexy Scottish stunner who knows how to perform his strip with attitude and some serious Edinburgh charm. Your male Stripper in Edinburgh is a professional who knows how to move and how to put on the sexiest show you’ll see. This guy is hot, he’s hunky, he’s got a twinkle in his eye and he wants to show you exactly what he wears under his kilt!


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"
An Edinburgh male stripper can arrive at your hen do as your typical Scotsman, in traditional Scottish dress, or you can choose a more universal stripper outfit, like a policeman or fireman. If you want something different for your hen do in Edinburgh you can pick your favourite superhero, complete with cape and tights, or he can ramp up the charm and sophistication and arrive in a suave suit ready to sweep you off your feet. The choice is yours, ladies. Whatever you have him wear, one thing is for sure, he’ll be taking it all off soon enough!
When you’ve shopped and you’ve sampled the whiskey on the Royal Mile, you’ve been in the castle and you’ve seen the pipers, you’ll be ready for some good old hen do fun. Edinburgh is a city with lots to see and do, but whether you tour the gin factory or relax in the spa, there’s one thing all hen dos must have. Your very own hunky male stripper! Whether you want your Male Stripper for a hen do in Edinburgh to arrive at the party you already have organised and surprise your hen and guests there with his hot stripper routine, or you want us to arrange a venue for you, we have it covered. We already know all the top spots in Edinburgh for a male stripper to perform at. Our fit male strippers are all flexible and mobile and he’ll go wherever the party is. He can also turn up at your house party, as part of your pre-drinks or later on in the evening, and he can perform his strip routine right there in your home.
I needed to find a Male Stripper in Edinburgh. It wasn’t an easy task at first, then I stumbled upon yourselves and instantly knew that things were going to be okay. The man that we got for a hen party was a real charmer and made sure that everyone was at ease from the moment he stepped into the hotel room. The bride-to-be was unaware that this was going to happen because she practically screamed in delight at certain moments and hadn’t stopped gushing about it for a week. This stripper was the right choice, and it’s down to all of you.
I needed a stripper. Who would I go to, and what would I do to find one? There were many companies, but there’s no doubt that this organisation was the way forward. Almost from the beginning, I knew I was dealing with professionals. They understood I needed a Mixed Race Male Stripper for a birthday party, and sent me a lovely gent who put on an excellent show. His attitude was stellar, and he seemed to be up for most things, which helped to make the night a hit. I want to thank him, and make sure that he knows he’s great!
But if you want something more sophisticated and more of an evening’s entertainment, a male strip show in Edinburgh is classy and still loads of cheeky fun. This is a professionally choreographed show and all you have to do is sit back with a glass of something bubbly and enjoy the show. There will still be the chance to get your hen up there and joining in, only this time she’ll be on stage in front of a hall full of people! That’s one way to embarrass her! A male stripper show in Edinburgh features a troupe of pro male strippers and these guys know how to dance and how to perform in the sexiest way imaginable. Who wants one male stripper when you can watch a whole stage full of them? Get ready to scream when they show you everything they’ve got!
All our hot male strippers love to party and they love some hen banter, they also love to pose for photos with your crazy hens. So whether you choose a sit down show or a male stripper to arrive at your party and perform for your hen personally, you’re all going to experience just what Edinburgh eye candy really has under his kilt!
Strippers are often a tricky field to navigate because you usually don’t know what it is that you’re looking for. Despite this, I felt like my needs were being listened to and that the hen night was going to be an absolute success. This good feeling was in part down to the fantastic company, and also the best Male Stripper in Edinburgh. He was a gem and made sure that the bride-to-be had the best time she could before her marriage. He was also polite and respectful to all of us – there’s a group of happy ladies thanks to you!
Searching for the ideal Black Male Stripper in Edinburgh was a challenge for sure, but one that I relished. Having hunted high and low, I got someone who was going to make sure that everyone had the best time, and he did that in style and with confidence. From the moment he arrived at the hotel room, his game face was on, and he was ready to wow us. And wow us, he did! The birthday girl loved him, her friends loved him, and I loved him. It was a success, and it’s all because we got the best stripper in the business!
If you’re after a good Male Strippergram Edinburgh, then I can recommend this company for you to work with. They were professionals for me from the start and helped me to get the excitement for the hen night brewing. When he arrived, all smiles and natural charm, I knew that the bride-to-be would love this. She did, she did! It was an excellent performance, and he seemed to be so confident in what he did, which made the night all the better. He was an absolute star and one I would recommend to people again and again!