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Are you arranging a hen party in Hull and just want to get wild? Getting a Hull male stripper will be the best thing you can do for yourself and girlfriends. A male stripper will fire up your party and let you engage in all your wildest fantasies. You may be hosting this event once a year (or even once a lifetime!). Therefore, as you host this event, remember that you are recording a memory that you will live to remember. At CJR we will promote your party experience from a mere mingling event to a carnival-style blissful gathering.


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What the hunks in Hull offer

Make sure you book your preferred hunk early because he can easily be booked out and you fail to get what you wanted. You can only get the perfect gentleman dancer for your part with us. Once you choose you to meet your ideal stripper, you will discuss what you expect from the show. Use the opportunity to explain any add-ons you prefer to the choreographed shows the stripper has to offer. Also, they can also advise and help you get the best venue to host your male strip show in Hull. We know that you love surprises, and we are up to the task. So, let us surprise your guests by letting our hunks dress in an outfit that suits you. Whether you prefer, policeman, teacher, fireman, or even naval officer, we will come there ready to surprise and tease your guests. Our male strippers will take the party girl and the audience through some heart pounding performances that will leave everybody thirsting for more. The antics of our male strippers in Hull will leave ladies in the crowd wiggling and laughing as they call for more.
If you’ve never taken the time to go and hire out a Male Stripper in Hull, it’s an experience I would recommend. From the beginning, you get this feeling that people know what they’re doing and care about you. I hired out someone for a hen night and gave them the address of the hotel. Not only did they make their way into the building with ease (the staff thought he was a proper gentleman), but he also knocked on the door discreetly, and gave a great show that everyone enjoyed. The bride-to-be, in particular, loved every second of his performance.
Hiring out a Male Strippergram in Hull can be something people are reluctant to do, and that’s understandable. However, you’ve got to take a chance, as I discovered. I needed a stripper for a birthday party, and yourselves were wonderfully professional through and through. I felt like I was being taken care of and that my needs were being met, and I’m so glad this was the case. There’s no doubt that everyone else felt the same way too, and the birthday girl was impressed with how things played out. She even asked him if he’d come and perform again sometime!
There will be lots of grinding performances, trickery, and teasing to ensure that the party mood remains carnival. The humour through tot the night will be crowned by the cheekiness of a strip tease for the party girl. Not excluded from the list are the party games, baby oil, whipped cream, audience participation ….all sorts of fun. In short, after 20 -25 minutes of electrifying performances which will be capped by photo taking sessions, everybody will leave the place shaving satisfied her wild fantasies.

Why book a male stripper in Hull?

If you want the most professional male stripper in Hull, we have the trophy. If you want the sexist and most talented Hull male stripper, we are the storehouse. Our exemplary customer service as proven by our testimonials proves our professionalism. When it comes to pricing, we offer very competitive rates based on location. You can always be assured that you will get value for money for your service. Need a Hull male stripper? Get an instant price online to hire our strippers.
As someone who needed a professional Black Male Stripper in Hull, I knew that I had to be careful which companies I consulted with. However, it was easy to see that each person we dealt with was unique in the sense that they did seem to care about us and our requirements. The stripper himself came to our home without any issues at all and made sure that we were completely comfortable before he got down to business. The bride-to-be celebrating her hen night did enjoy herself, and made sure that we all knew it too – that’s always a good sign!
As a person who had never even considered hiring out a Male Stripper in Hull, I was blown away by just how easy the whole process was! There was no doubt that the person we worked with knew exactly what he was doing, from the moment he slipped into the function room of the pub to applause. The birthday girl herself was not expecting this development, and so after some initial confusion, she too was excited and ready to be entertained. It’s always going to be a good night when she’s got a particular look on her face – and while he was there, it never left.
So, whaddya look for in a Mixed Race Male Stripper in Hull? Charm? Looks? Professionalism? How about a combination of all three? That’s what we got when it came to hiring from yourselves, plus a man who was respectful of all of us. His demeanour was that of a gentleman from the beginning to the end, and we could tell he knew what he was doing. His performance was perfect, and the bride-to-be was delighted with how he’d managed to spice up her hen night – it was a night to mostly remember!