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Hen parties, birthdays, and girls night- out cannot remain as conventional as they have been over the decades. Tastes have changed and preferences have evolved. Now what any lady wants is an experience that lets her free up. There should be a mixture of fun, cheekiness, and some electrifying moments. And what better way to hold these events than to find a male stripper Ipswich to spruce up the party? Here is the only place in Ipswich where you can find not just talent but also sexy male hunks to rock your party. We provide hot male strippers in Ipswich who can entertain any occasion and please any crowd. Our male strippers are always ready when you are ready for them and will come and leave an indelible footprint on your party.



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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What the hunks in Ipswich offer

Whatever you want for your party, rest assured that our male strippers will stop at nothing to have you jovial. Our male stripper will step into the party venue dressed in your preferred outfit. Whether you want a policeman, a construction worker, an army or a naughty teacher, the will come just as you want. From then expect to get a 20-25 choreographed performance that will involve throwing shapes on the dance floor and a little bit of humping on the floor.


The time I spent hiring out a Male Stripper in Ipswich was not as difficult as I thought it would be. The staff were lovely and went out of their way to make sure that I got what I was needed. The gentleman in question was a good-looking man who turned up with complete discretion and made sure that when he knocked on the door to the hotel room, there was an air of mystery as to who he was. The bride-to-be loved this activity and was pleased with the whole experience at the end, which was what we were going for, so thank you!
Hiring out a Black Male stripper in Ipswich is an experience you might consider to be new and exciting, but in truth it was easy. I never once felt embarrassed or concerned. Instead, I thought that they met my requirements professionally and discreetly. The stripper in question came to the house we had selected as the venue for the birthday girl and did not cause a scene when entering. His manner was thoughtful, considerate and charming, and he was exceptionally talented at what he did. There is no doubt that I would recommend him to anyone.
All our male strippers in Ipswich are more than hunky dory and you will be mesmerised by their energy as they perform.to keep the party lively, there will be a little bit of strip tease, mocks, occasional use of props such as tables, chairs, as well as some audience participation. To crown the entire performance, you will have time to take some photos with these sexy hunks for your memories. We also ensure that the hen is well treated that night by ensuring that the stripper is also a semi-naked cheeky hunky butler who will serve your guests. In case you need more of them we can avail them at your request. So, whether it is meeting and greeting your guests, serving cocktails, serving tables, or playing party games, our cheeky butlers will offer you a 5-star service.

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Our professionalism sets us apart from our competitors. Our Ipswich male strippers are the sexiest and most talented in town. We offer unmatched customer service to our clients, and our testimonials witness to that. When it comes to pricing, we prioritise service first. We want to see satisfied clients. So we offer very affordable rates and you are assured that you will get value for money for your service. Looking for an Ipswich male stripper? Get an instant price online to hire our strippers.
As is the case with any new activity, there was an element of doubt when selecting a male strippergram Ipswich. I worried what people might think, but the truth is hiring out a stripper is more common than you’d think. Almost from the beginning, they were considerate and responsive, and we had someone on the way quite easily. I felt like the bride-to-be was going to love this, and I was right – she did. As soon as he opened up the door and introduced himself, you could tell that everything was going to be just fine. That’s a relief only the best company can provide.
Did I know what to expect when I tried to hire a Male Stripper in Ipswich? No, not particularly. However, that didn’t make much difference at all because it was such a straightforward process. He was a lovely guy who didn’t try and cause any problems but instead arrived at the pub where we were celebrating a birthday and charmed the birthday girl. She was so surprised to see a stripper there, but you could see she was enjoying it! It was a great success and an experience that we’ll never forget.
I’m a pretty conservative girl, so when it came to hiring out a Mixed Race Male Stripper in Ipswich, I was severely anxious, and it showed. There was no doubt in my mind that there was going to be a problem – but boy was I wrong! From the second he arrived at the hotel, having charmed the front desk into letting him up, you could tell that this was a pro. He was graceful, skilled and made the hen party a lot of fun. My only wish is that he could have stayed a little longer because the laughter from the bride-to-be was infectious!