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Feel like spicing up your Lancaster hen party, birthday party or girls out party in Lancaster? Worry not! All you need is to get a Lancaster male stripper who will leave everybody in the audience giggling and laughing in stitches as they have fun. We provide handpicked stunning hunks who can make any lady present at a party to feel ‘WOW’. Irrespective of the type of party, you can always be assured that our male stripper will add a magic touch to the moment. The strippers offer more than strip tease shows, but they provide a more peculiar and friendly experience.


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"All had an excellent night. Julian was a great laugh. He made the night! Would highly recommend thanks again for sorting everything"

What the hunks in Lancaster offer

You have to begin by booking for our services online. From there you will select a preferred stripper to come and rock your party. You can have some pre-session meeting to share any bespoke services you would prefer and maybe explore more on the choice of the party venue. Our strippers have an intimate understanding of the best spot to host your party in Lancaster. So they may give you suggestions if you want. Imagine how the crowd will behave when out brawny male strippers in Lancaster step into the door dressed in pure white as a naval officer in the movies an officer and a gentleman? Or maybe dressed as a construction worker? Naughty teacher, naval officer or any other ensemble you may prefer? Your girls will go wild.


Hiring out a male stripper in Lancaster is an easy task when you’re working with this particular company. There’s something to be said for an organisation which strives to make sure it’s customers have the best possible experience, and this was the case. From the beginning, I knew that everything would be fine, which is why when the stripper turned up to perform, we knew that the bride-to-be would have a wonderful time. We were thankfully correct! He was a lovely chap who knew precisely what he was doing, and never failed to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves!
So, when you go looking for a Male Stripper in Lancaster, what expectations do you have? For us, it was a question of making sure we got someone discreet. It’s a small neighbourhood, and people do talk. Thankfully, we made sure that when we did hire someone out, he was charming and reticent, navigating his way to the home of the birthday girl with no issues at all. You could tell he understood how crucial subtlety was, and yet he still managed to make sure that the performance he gave was one of confidence and delight. An absolute star, I’d recommend him to just about anyone!
After that, there will be a 20 -25 minute choreographed raucous performance that will electrify the crowd and send the ladies into a frenzy. Expect a mixture of strip tease, fun fantasies, and a few pranks that will leave the audience screaming. There will also be some bits of lap dancing, floor humping, butt cheek shaking, rhythmic pelvic thrust and many more. Expect the use of props such as chairs and tables as the Lancaster strippergrams perform their antics. In short, you can expect to see everything that has featured in the celebrated magic mike movie.

Why book a male stripper in Lancaster?

What distinguishes us from our competitors is our professionalism. We offer outstanding customer service to our clients, and our testimonials confirm that. Our strippers are the sexiest and most talented in Lancaster. When it comes to pricing, we emphasise on customer satisfaction first. We want to see satisfied clients. So we offer very inexpensive rates and you are assured that you will get value for money for your service. Looking for a Lancaster male stripper? Get an instant price online to hire our strippers.
So, be me. You’re looking for a Black Male Stripper, and time’s ticking. So, what do you do? Well, you make sure that you hire from the best of the best, which is why I’m here. It was a party for the bride to be, and we were delighted to see that he turned up, gave an exceptional performance and didn’t make any fuss at all. His professionalism was apparent from the moment he rocked up to the pub. It was evident to us all that this man knew what he was doing, and the hen party was a success thanks to him.
For weeks, I searched in vain for a Black Male Stripper in Lancaster. I needed one to make sure that everything went down without a hitch for the birthday party I was planning, and yourselves helped me out big time. Not only did you make sure that I had someone booked and hired, but you relayed my instructions to be casual about things. This service meant that when he turned up and knocked on the door, the birthday girl had no idea who he was. However, when he came in and introduced himself, she loved it!
Now, put yourself in my shoes for a minute. You’re looking for a male strippergram Lancaster. You’ve had no luck with a lot of companies, and then you find the one that’s going to work. You were all so helpful and made sure that I got what I needed from start to finish. The man who came to the hotel was a charmer and made sure that all of us, including the bride-to-be, had a fantastic time. It was one of the most memorable hen nights I’ve ever been to, and it’s all thanks to the incredible work done by all of you.