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They hype is real!

Your midget will arrive at your stag do with a mischievous streak and good sense of fun. He loves karaoke and he’ll be eager to sing…and even more eager to get the groom up to sing with him! He can bust some moves on the dance floor and if your stag firmly handcuffed to him, he’ll have no choice but to get out there and throw some shapes too! Your midget also loves to play practical jokes. He’s just like Weeman from Jackass and he likes to be in on the action, whatever he is. He might be small, but he won’t hold back. He’ll be partying the hardest and laughing the loudest.



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What Occasions Can You Rent a Midget For?

Don’t worry we have you covered…

You can hire a midget for any kind of party or occasion. Our little men are flexible and ready to have fun with you whether it’s a hen party, birthday party or leavers do. But a midgets for a stag do still remains most popular typically due to an unusual flavour to their do. So if you think Weeman is the funniest prankster in Jackass, or you’d love to hang out with your very own smurf, your stag party could offer you the perfect opportunity to do just that. It is one of the most popular stag party activities in the UK.

All the best things come in small packages and this little man is overflowing with fun and a wicked sense of humour. But it doesn’t have to end there. Midget hire is fast becoming more and more popular with promo events, where this little man can add a touch of the unexpected and really get people’s attention.

How Much Does it Costs to Rent a Midget?


Well what do you want…

Prices for midget hire very much depends on what you want. We [Celebrate Just Right] can tailor your experience, with a variation of prices depending on UK based, costumes, length of time or if your jetting off abroad.

3 Reasons to Book a Midget Handcuffed to the Stag

1. He’s ready for anything – This small bundle of laughs can fit into your itinerary however you want. He can be available to attend your party in the daytime or the evening. He’ll even go abroad with you! So, for the most fun you’ll ever get in such a small body, book a Midget for your stag do and be prepared to party!

2. Your stag will be speechless! – If you want to really surprise your stag, have a smurf waiting for him and get ready to see the look on his face. Have your camera ready ‘cause this is one surprise you’re unlikely to repeat. Better still, get your midget to handcuff himself to your stag and see his amazed reaction. If your stag has a fear of little people, all the funnier!

3. He’ll get everyone’s attention – Whether you want to hire a midget for a stag do, hen night, birthday party, you’ll certainly turn some heads with this little guy around. This makes him the perfect pulling machine! Yes bird pulling! something a little different can get those ladies attention. But, if you just want to embarrass your stag, your Midget will ensure there’s no blending into the background.

Can You Hire a Midget for Stag Parties Abroad?

Nothing is going to stop us…

No matter where you want to party, right here in the UK, or overseas, your mini man will go with you. You set the itinerary and he will be there. He can meet you at your chosen destination, he’ll fly anywhere you want, and he’ll even wait at the airport for you, welcoming you to foreign shores with a huge sign with the stag’s name on it!

Or, if you prefer, your Midget can meet you here in the UK and fly out with you, keeping the laughs going from start to finish. He will be with you for one day, but if you need him for longer than that, just ask!

What Outfits Can they Wear?

It’s time to get creative…

There’s a great range of costumes you can choose to have your small guy arrive in. He can do a superb smurf, or he can turn up as a policeman ready with those handcuffs. You can have your very own miniature Superman or Batman, complete with cape and a superhero attitude. He can be an oompa loompa, or he can get tough and beef it up as Mr T.

Why not book your little guy as mini me from Austin Powers, or better still walk around with your very own Hobbit! He’s ready to go with your theme or be whichever character you like, and he’s up for some laughs!