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The historic city of Bath is known for many things – the Victoria Art Gallery and Bath Abbey, for example – and yet, as is usual, all the best insider tips are kept on the down-low. If you’re looking for a real, naughty insider tip that will help you turn your hen party into the scandalous event it should be, you’ve happened upon the right place. Our selection of waiters is diverse and all of them are happy to perform a sexy dance routine upon request.


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“Lovely Gentleman”

Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Our naked butler in Bath will meet and greet your guests at the door and serve the cocktails with a mischievous smile that guarantees intoxicating effects. And they’re not just at your party to serve as eye-candy – they’ll make sure that everyone is having a good time by socialising, initiating games and being their wonderful selves.
Whether you’re looking to surprise a friend for their hen-do or are currently planning your own birthday party, you can’t go wrong with the kind of service our shirtless hunks have to offer. Watch as your guests’ jaws drop at the sight of your butler’s perfectly trained pecks and bum-cheeks so perky it’ll be hard to resist a bite. Having your butlers welcome your guests at the door will lend your party a feeling of luxury and exclusivity – after all, this type of extravaganza is usually reserved for celebrity parties. Not with the us our team is dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to feel as though they are hosting a luxurious Hollywood bash.
Always up for fun, flirtatious banter and a good ol’ party game, our brawny butlers will even get your shyest of party guests to break out of their shell and into a boogie. They know how to get a party going regardless of their environment or the attendees – their mission for the evening is to get the place buzzing and they always succeed. If, for whatever reason, the party is slow to take off, it’s nothing your topless butler can’t fix. By turning himself into a human table and inviting guests to knock back their shots from his nude torso, he’ll get the place and the people in it pumped for things to come.
Our handsomely naked butlers in Bath who come complete with cocktail-making skills, cheeky charm and a whole host of fun party games, will make sure your party will become Bath’s next historic event. If his sexy dance routines don’t do the trick, his mouth-wateringly good looks and mischievous banter surely will. You won’t have to worry about anything other than having a fantastic time at your party – your butler will see to the rest. From welcoming your guests and socialising with them, to serving drinks, appetizers and food, he’ll offer a professional service with that little bit extra – namely a ridiculously hot body, finger-lickin’ good dance moves and the type of personality anyone would want to have at their bash: fun, delightful and hard-working! Hire a naked butler in Bath today.