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The internet is an incredible source for creative party ideas. Whatever type of event it is you’re looking to host, a couple of hours of surfing online will give you plenty of inspiration for great recipe ideas, stylish and affordable decorations, party games and table settings. You’re bound to come up with a whole bunch of excellent guidelines as to how to throw the perfect party, however, there is one vital factor you cannot simply create from scratch: professional service. If you’re looking to veer from the usual route and offer your guests a unique and exciting service, you can’t go wrong with our buff naked butlers in Blackpool.


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"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Who wants to go to yet another stuffy event where bored waiting staff in their usual black-tie get-up serve equally bored guests with unimaginative cocktails? Surprise your guests with something a tad saucy by serving them not only expertly mixed cocktails, but sexy, nude butlers. Drinks and appetizers simply taste so much better when they are presented on a silver platter and shots will have twice their intoxicating power when they’re taken from the smooth, ripped surface of your cheeky butler’s torso – yes, your naked butler in Blackpool will be delighted to turn himself into a human table for you and your guests. Ready to throw the party of the century? We’re at your service.
Our hunky men come with cheeky bums, great banter and creative cocktail-making skills that will turn your event into one everyone will remember. These guys know how to get even the most Serious Sally in the mood to party with fun games, a little flirting and a little booty-shake if so desired. No one can resist a drink from a waiter who looks just as exotic as the cocktails he’s serving – especially a shirtless one. Your event in Blackpool is guaranteed to have social media channels glowing hot with images of your guests posing with butlers who look like they’ve just walked off of the cover of GQ and into your living room.
Turn your hen party into something truly special by hiring a topless butler in Blackpool who will wow your friends with his minimal style – black bum-bearing slacks, cufflinks and a bow-tie – and a vast range of games he is eager to play with you all to get the birthday party pumping. With more than six years of experience in the professional party service sector, we will guide you in your selection of the perfect, sexy butler who will serve as the life of the party.
Tell us what you expect from your trusted servant for the night and we will be sure to send you a hunk who will turn this event into an absolute success. As the host of the party, you shouldn’t be bogged down with kitchen chores and keeping tabs on people’s coats – let your cheeky butler do all that for you and focus on what’s important instead: mingling, dancing and having a fabulous time! Hire a naked butler in Blackpool with us today.