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Everyone likes a good party.. It’s a chance to mingle, let your hair down and dance out the week’s frustrations in an outfit you know you slay, to tunes that will keep your hips in constant motion. If you’re attending someone else’s festivities, those are the main things that will be on your mind – having a good time and looking good while doing so. If you’re the one hosting the bash, there will be a lot more to think about than the right hairdo, matching outfit and killer playlist. Throwing a good soiree requires organisational skills and, preferably, a helping hand or two for the prepping stages and the dreaded clear-up afterwards. These are exactly the factors that contribute to people favouring being the attendee rather than the host – it’s simply too much work. Or is it?


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
With the help of a sexy, naked butler in Bournemouth you can host hen parties, birthdays and even your own party, without having to worry about who’s going to meet and greet your guests while you’re still preparing appetizers or who’s going to take their coats while you’re in the middle of an intriguing conversation with friends you haven’t seen in a decade. By hiring one of our professional and incredibly good-looking butlers you’ll have a dedicated co-host who’s not only easy on the eyes, but who will rock up with strong, helping hands that will take the pressure off your hosting duties. He’ll serve the champagne flutes to your group of tongue-tied friends while you finish the final touches on your make-up and will encourage a dance-off when you’re getting tired and your guests are just getting started.
Dressed in nothing but a bow-tie, cuff-links and butt-baring slacks, you can rest assured that your friends are in good hands with your naked butler in Bournemouth. He’ll make them feel like a million dollars with his flirtatious banter and irresistible charms, so even if you’re busy entertaining others, they will feel perfectly taken care of. In fact, they might even be happier to see him than you! He knows how to get the place buzzing by mixing up a steady flow of innovative cocktails and spurring your guests on to play the type of party games that will make for a whole Facebook wall of hilarious memories. Regardless of what you are looking to achieve with your event, your topless waiter in Bournemouth will be at your constant beck and call.
Whether you’re looking to throw the kind of house-party your neighbours will envy or will be renting out a specific venue, our naked butlers will roll up to wherever you need them to be, throughout most major cities across the UK. You may be under the impression hiring this kind of luxuriously sexy service will cost you an arm and a leg, but we’re glad to inform you, you can think again: our butlers are available at affordable prices, making this service accessible to anyone. So affordable actually, you might as well hire several bare-butted butlers for the night!