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Looking to hire a hunky naked butler for your party in Bradford? Here’s what you’ll get out of him on your special night. He’ll Meet & Greet Your Guests. If you don’t have a co-host to rely on for your party, you’ll quickly find yourself rushed off your feet as the doorbell starts ringing every few minutes just as you’re preparing the appetizers for your first guests. By hiring one of our professional – and practically naked! – waiters, you will be matched with the co-host of your dreams: a charming fella with a heart as big as his smile, and hands as strong as his torso. He’ll be more than delighted to take over the doorman duties while you tend to guests and make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and getting into the mood to party. There’s more to our Bradford buff naked servants than their impressively toned behinds and muscular pecks. They know how to hold a conversation and bewitch your guests with their flirty ways.


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"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
He’ll Whip Up Fabulous Cocktails. Everyone knows the most successful parties are the ones serving drinks that veer from the traditional alcohol menu. Why serve the kind of cocktails every other bar, club and party in town is serving when you could be surprising your guests with exotic drinks, they’re not yet familiar with? Your topless waiter is eager to take on the challenge of amazing your guests with the kind of cocktails that will tickle their palate and get their feet moving on the dance floor. Whatever it is you would like him to whip up, it will be of the absolutely fabulous cocktail variety.
He’ll Serve Drinks & Snacks. Everyone knows that food should not just be pleasing to the palate but to the eye. By having your butler in Bradford will serve your guests drinks and snacks, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into the presentation – your waiter himself will add to the allure of your menu. He’ll keep everyone fed and satisfied and therefore, decrease the risk of any of your guests wanting to sink their teeth into his bared, delicious-looking butt cheeks.
He’ll Do a Sexy Little Dance. Our cheeky butlers are multi-talented. They’re great at socializing, skilled at creating amazing cocktails and even better at putting on a show that will beat your wildest fantasies. If you’d like to see what they’re bare bums look like when they give ‘em a little shake during a sexy dance routine, don’t hesitate to ask. This is your party and you can ask your servant to dance if you want to!
The Washing Up. The one thing every party host dreads at the end of the night is the cleaning and washing-up process. Eliminate this negative cloud hanging over the final hours of your party by putting your servant to work in the kitchen – he’ll do all the dirty dishes whilst giving you a clear view of his behind. …All this, Any Time, Anywhere Finally sold on the idea of hiring a sexy butler in Bradford for your next event? Then you’ll be pleased to know that our topless waiters are available any time, anywhere across all major cities in the UK. And all that at an incredibly affordable price! Hire a naked butler in Bradford today.