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Naked butlers in Canterbury, the historical Roman city in the garden of England, are getting more and more gigs. In fact, there seems to be an upsurge in demand for these well-shaped, scantily-clad and charismatic professionals. This definitely goes to show that the entire profession is getting more appreciation. Moreover, the profession is one that has been around for quite a while and naked butler hires in Canterbury is popular now, more than ever.


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"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
With more and more people looking to hire the services of naked butlers, we take a look into some of the reasons why the profession has seen a spike in popularity, and why you should hire one sooner than later.

They’re Suitable for Many Events

It really doesn’t matter what event you’re handling. Our naked butlers in Canterbury are perfect for a wide array of events. You can hire them for your Hen Do, dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, charity events, corporate events, LGBTQ events, and the list continues. These guys come with all of the charms, and they will definitely spice up whatever event you’re having.
They are Awesome Hosts. If you’re the kind of person who loves staying away from the norm, you’ll find that our naked butlers in Canterbury are the best hosts for your event. They know how to get your party off to the perfect start.Think about it; no one really expects to see naked, buff guys at any event. Isn’t it? This is why surprising your guests with a sexy male butler will definitely make your event memorable. Without a doubt, Canterbury male butlers are the perfect hosts for your event, because they are friendly and well-experienced hosts with extra charm.
They are the Best Cocktail Servers. What’s more appealing than getting your cocktail served to you? We’ll tell you what – getting your cocktail served to you BY A SEXY, BUFF MAN! Serving cocktail might not be something that these guys learn as part of their training, but these sexy male butlers in Canterbury certainly know how to mix and serve.  With a topless waiter in Canterbury serving your guests with a cheeky smile, everyone will definitely want a drink.
They Can Take Awesome Body Shots. Want to play drinking games like beer pong at your party? Then why not hire the best human tables in the world? Canterbury naked butlers! These guys, with their firm bodies, are perfect for taking some awesome body shots. Really, you should try them! They’re Proper Socialites. Aside from their rocking, ab-filled bodies, one of the major qualities that every single naked butler in Canterbury has is the fact that they are splendid socialites. These guys will help ease the silent tension at your party and will ensure that every single person in attendance has a wonderful time.
You have a wide range to choose from. So, what is your preference? Asian butlers? Black butlers? White butlers? We’ve got them all. Just say the word, and they are yours. When you hire a naked butler from celebrate just right you can expect sexy, cheeky fun with a touch of sophistication and class.