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When it comes to choosing entertainment for your hen party, people consider all kinds of different options. It’s easy to find yourself wondering what the best course of action is, but many people opt for one of the lesser-known prospects, which is a naked butler Cheltenham.There’s a lot of benefits to trying this kind of service and Celebrate Just Right works to make sure that you’re exceptionally pleased with what’s on offer, so read here to see what we can do for you.


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
What We Do. We’re a company that provides the best possible service for people who need naked butlers Cheltenham, and we’re proud to be able to offer the options that we do to people. We make sure that you are getting the best, and so our butler will make sure to meet and greet people at the door to make sure they feel comfortable in the venue. We’ll also make sure that he mingles with guests and makes sure that they enjoy spending time talking to him. We make sure that if you need to, we can send a male butler Cheltenham who will be able to double as a host for the hen party. It’s all part of our aim to make sure you get the most from any event.
Additional Services for You. We do try and make sure that we provide other services to cater to every type of situation. We can serve cocktail drinks to your guests and make sure that they get service with a cheeky smile. We’re also good with party games and offer a selection to make sure that your guests are buzzing from when they come in, to when they leave. Of course, these are naked butlers Cheltenham that we’re talking about, so we do make sure to offer all the best for people who want to use our services and get some of the more saucy benefits. So for example, we can have the butler do a seductive dance, or they can offer their services as a ‘human table’ – and have some shots lined up for you to do.
Flexibility, Care and Consideration. At Celebrate Just Right, we make sure that your hen party is a success because we try and provide the best in terms of everything. We’ve worked at many different events, including Dinner Parties, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Charity Events, Corporate Events, LGBT Events and many other different festivities. We combine this with winning service, making sure that you can have any male, whether you look for white black or Asian. We also ensure that we listen to every single request and consider them all equally because we know it can be important for people to feel like their situation can be accommodated. We’ll always be happy to sit and talk to you about the kind of services you need, and then figure out how we can accommodate them. Feel free to contact us!