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Been put in charge of pulling together a top hen night for your mate in advance of their upcoming big day? When you sit down to work it all out, it can seem a bit daunting: there’s lots of different people to keep happy, a budget to stick to and the need to make the night memorable for the Bride and all attendees. Yet even with a Mother or Grandmother in attendance, you don’t want things to be too tame or uninteresting – and naked butler hire in Exeter will give you just the right degree of risqué in your hen experience!


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Cheeky butlers in Exeter can be ten-a-penny: so hire your cheeky staff with an agency that you can be sure offer a full experience with more than basic food service. Our naked butler team really go the extra mile to become the heart and soul of your party.
You name any location, and our buff boys will meet and greet your guests upon arrival. Many party-organisers like to keep schtum about their presence, to ensure maximum surprise and delight right away! After everyone’s settled in and has been served a welcome drink, the topless waiters at your disposal to keep your party guests happy. That includes serving food and drinks, hosting party games to keep everyone engaged, making cocktails with full mixology moves, and even acting as human tables for those consuming alcohol to take shots from! The lads will also mingle and network, socialising to keep even the quietest of guests occupied throughout the evening. No one will feel left out, and there’ll be no awkward silences – and your hen, of course, will feel like the princess she deserves to be.
Exeter Naked Butlers offer all of this as part of their standard package, but you can also opt to add in a stripper sexy dance routine at any point should you like to; these boys will give the Chippendales a good run for their money! We have a whole range of hunks on our books, so if your party has a preference (black, white, Asian, younger, more mature, etc) we can supply someone exactly to your taste.
The great thing about buff butlers in Exeter is that you can add to the experience whatever you like. Should you choose to, you can simply do drinks in a blank canvas venue, but if you’d like to host your hen in a Michelin-starred restaurant, nightclub, home, or more unique venue, we’ll cater for that too. Our adaptability means that we’re able to offer experiences others can’t – so if you have any particular requests, get in touch and we’ll do our very best to meet your needs! Spice up your hen weekend with sexy butler hire in Exeter: and give the Bride-to-be a real time to remember.