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No matter the occasion, be it hen party, big birthday, baby shower or celebration, naked butler hire can spice up your soiree and with us offering only the most premier naked butler hire in Glasgow, you can place your trust in the best agency for your event needs. Cheeky butlers in Glasgow are just part of the rich naughtiness available in the city that plays home to the ‘Pubic Triangle’, but definitely offer a classier angle to your events whilst remaining fun and plating up frolics for your guests.


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“Lovely Gentleman”

Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Our Glasgow Naked Butlers will come to whichever venue your event is taking place at – be that a pub, club, hotel, restaurant or someone’s home. Providing there’s a private area for our generous gents to get changed somewhere in the vicinity and enough central heating that they can work safely, they’ll be there; day, afternoon or evenings. To get your event off to a real ‘bang’, you can opt to have your Glasgow buff butlers greet your guests upon arrival, serving them a welcome drink if so desired. Why not keep their presence a surprise and delight your guests early on? It’ll be a welcome shock!
Of course, Glasgow sexy male butlers will serve food if you have it, be that fast food burgers or a three-course Michelin-starred meal. But that’s not all that our buff naked butlers offer. They’re fully bar-qualified, and we have boys on our books that are cocktail mixologists should you think about anything a little more exotic. Our naked butlers can mix drinks, serve drinks and if you want something really different… act as human tables for shots to be taken off of! The beautiful buff boys can host drinking games and get everyone up and involved, so no guest needs be left out, even if it’s the mother of a Bride or the grandmother of a birthday girl: our lads will charm them.
You can choose from an extensive portfolio of Glasgow naked butlers spanning black, white, Asian, young and more mature, including tattooed, muscly, those with dad-bods and the larger lad. Whatever your preference, there will be someone for you on the books! Most of our sexy buff butlers are trained dancers, too, so the option is available for a sexy routine to break up the evening and really wow your partygoers.
Whatever the event in Glasgow, our naked butler hire services are second-to-none and offer a range of packages and a variety of models unrivalled by other agencies. Get in touch to check availability (our most popular lads do get booked up quite far in advance!), ask about your venue preference and book in our services… and of course, look through our books of beautiful buff butler boys!