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If you’re looking for a naked butler Manchester, there are lots of different events that butlers can attend aside from the obvious hen parties. Birthdays, any special occasion or even afternoon tea, your professional hunks will be available to attend to your every need. We have put together some top tips if you are hosting a celebration hosted by a naked butler.


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#1 Create a menu. Whether it’s a drinks menu, a food menu or a combination of the two, it’s always recommended that you have a menu. The butler(s) will know the order of service and expertly serve your food and drink at the right time throughout the evening. Finger foods are great for a small gathering because they can be served easily and quickly by the butler. The waiters can also serve drinks, mix cocktails and chat to guests. They will ultimately set the pace of the evening so whether you want something easy going and relaxed or something a little livelier, just let your Manchester naked butler know your requirements and they will create the night or afternoon around you.
#2 Decide on party games. If you want any games incorporated into your event, the naked butler Manchester can help with this. There are lots of different games that you can play to bring the party to life such as spin the butler’s bottle or Mr and Mrs if it’s a hen party. Your hunky man is there to make the evening fun and enjoyable for everyone.
#3 Timing. Decide how long you would like the waiter to attend. Will he be there to welcome guests or would you like him to stay throughout the evening until the last guests have left? You will be in full control of when your butler will make an appearance and the order of the night is up to you. The waiter will work to whatever timing you have in mind.
As well as hen parties and birthday celebrations, naked butlers make a great addition to any event including afternoon tea! It’s a cheeky little twist on something that’s growing in popularity. Everyone loves afternoon tea, don’t they? What better way to be served than with your very own naked butler in Manchester? Your guests will be able to enjoy their afternoon tea even more! The guy can attend a venue (subject to their approval of course) or they can attend your home if you are serving afternoon tea yourself. It will certainly add a little fun to the celebration.
Don’t miss out on being served by a naked Butler Manchester, Celebrate Just Right are specialists in making your events fun and memorable. Our cheeky waiters will keep your event interesting, host party games, socialise with guests and make them feel welcome. They will deliver with poise, professionalism and charm, allowing you to really enjoy the occasion. Choose from a variety of butlers in your area whether it’s a naked butler Manchester or London, we serve a variety of locations and have a selection of butlers you can choose from.