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Have you been asked to plan an event, a corporate function perhaps or a hen party, birthday celebration or other special occasion? What better way to leave an impression with your guests than have a naked butler Newcastle serve food and drink? You can even hire a chef to perfectly accompany the naked butler. Event planning no matter what type of celebration it is can be stressful. You have so many things to coordinate how good would it be to let your handsome, efficient and professional naked butler take some of the work off your hands. More and more events are being held at home, at country cottages or in luxury apartments and these make excellent venues for a naked butler. The best way to ensure that the evening runs as smoothly as possible is hiring staff such as a naked butler to make things a little more interesting.


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
There’s no better way to get everyone talking and break the ice with the addition of a cheeky naked butler from Newcastle. Your hunky waiter will be attentive and fun, and he will even host and participate in party games too. Imagine your guests heading up to the entrance of your home expecting you to answer and they are instead greeted by a toned, sexy butler who welcomes them with a friendly glass of champagne. What a way to start the evening.
As well as looking great, your naked butler Newcastle will be there to help you as much as possible from the moment the guests arrive to the second, they leave. Once your guests have settled in after the initial (welcome) shock you can really get the party started. The waiter can serve appetisers, socialise with your guests and even part take in a party game or two. If that’s not enough, they will clean up at the end of the night, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.
Celebrate Just Right is the preferred provider of naked butlers Newcastle, or any other location throughout the UK. Our cheeky butlers can cater for any type of event including a hen party, a corporate event, a birthday or just a special Friday night in with the girls. We hand pick our waiter to be sure that they meet our expectations and so they can deliver the high standards that our customers require. The hunks who attend your event are professional and skilled in meeting and greeting, with excellent people skills and natural charm and charisma. Not to mention they are handsome too.
So, the next time you have a party planned, why not make it a little more interesting and have a naked butler Newcastle make cocktails, serve drinks, host party games and deliver an event that will be remembered for many years to come. We have a variety of naked butlers that you can choose from, whether you want a single butler or multiple for your event, we can accommodate all requirements. Book your naked butler Newcastle with Celebrate Just Right. You’ll be glad you did!