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When thinking of new ideas for a party have you ever considered a naked butler in Newport? If you’re not exactly sure how a handsome butler wearing just an apron can make your party special here are just a few ideas: Surprise the host with a glass of champagne or her favourite drink. Play games such as guess the hen on a hen party or spin the butler’s bottle. Prepare food and serve – Whether it’s small appetisers or a larger meal your attentive butler will be available as needed. Summer BBQ – Have your waiter play host at a summer BBQ. It’s a great way to enjoy those long, hot summer evenings.


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"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Who needs a reason to celebrate? Life Drawing – Always a fun activity for any party. Let your guests get creative by having the butler pose for a life drawing in his butlers’ apron. Mixing Cocktails – If you absolutely adore cocktails, you can ask your waiter to mix and serve a range of tasty drinks for you and your guests Record a Personalised Message – Do you have a friend who can’t make it or maybe you want to record a special message for the bride to be to watch later if it’s a hen party. You can record a special message with the naked butler and surprise her whenever you choose.
Create a memory book – Take some snaps of your party and have the buff butler appear in your photos. It will be a great memento to look back on in years to come. Afternoon tea – Your naked waiter in Newport can serve afternoon tea. That will certainly be a little different. Not your average afternoon tea. The list of ideas that you can do with a naked butler are endless, but there are just a few for some inspiration.
Event planning can be stressful so why not let the cheeky butler take care of some things? Naked butlers aren’t just great for hen parties or birthday celebrations though. You can even hire one for a corporate event or a dinner party at your house. At Celebrate Just Right, our naked butlers Newport are professional, charming and very handsome and they are experts at what they do. They will attend any event or function and make everyone feel welcome, ensuring that every single guest has a great time. We carefully select the waiters who work for us so we can deliver the highest standards at your event.
Our standards are high, and we have great expectations for our naked butlers. They have an excellent attitude and are accommodating, polite and professional. The naked butlers who will attend your event will be skilled in meeting and greeting guests and serve with poise and professionalism. Whether it’s a series of cocktails or some appetizers your butler will serve with skill and professionalism.There’s no better way to start an event than with a naked butler Newport welcoming guests, provided to you by Celebrate Just Right. Choose your butler and make your next party or celebration the most memorable yet!