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Occasions are to celebrate, they are organised for guests to have a night which is full of fun and entertainment. Parties should always mean fun. No one enjoys a party which is dull and lifeless. If you are about to organise a party soon, then hire naked butlers in Oxford and let your guests know that this party is going to be absolutely different from the rest! Show them that you mean nothing else but an experience of a lifetime. Be the queen of your circle and give us a call to hire cheeky butlers in Oxford.


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"

Want to know the reason why you should hire naked butlers in Oxford, the here they are:

Naked butler in Oxford will greet everyone. Parties can sometimes become very difficult to handle when you take the responsibility to cater to greet the guests, look after cooking, serve it, and then plan for games and more. That’s why you should call us for naked butler hire in Oxford. The best part about our sexy butler in Oxford is that they are not just sexy, but they are also there to help you organise the party. They will greet and meet every guest who will visit. They will socialise with them and will ensure that you have enough time to take care of the rest of the party. Let our men tackle the greeting and serving part.
Naked butlers in Oxford will ensure that everyone is having a good time. It’s true, our sexy male butler in Oxford will make sure that everyone is having a good time. They will plan for fantastic party games which will keep everyone buzzing! They will also plan for drinking games and become a human table for your guests. Let them take shots of the body and laugh their heart out. Let our Oxford naked butler charm everyone with their friendly personality and hosting. These butlers are professional in what they do. They have got the extra charm and they can also perform a sexy dance routine for all the sexy ladies present in the party.
Oxford naked butlers can be hired for any occasion. No matter what party you are organising. Whether it is a birthday party, baby shower, Hen Do, Dinner Parties, Charity Events, Corporate Events, or LGBT Events, you can call Celebrate Just Right to hire our nude butler in Oxford. If you don’t want them to be completely naked, you are free to request us for the same. We understand that you want some hot butlers and we will ensure that our butlers fulfil all the party requirements.
Naked butlers hire in Oxford can make and serve cocktails. Imagine a buff naked butler in Oxford who is extremely handsome, girls are already blushing in front of them, and they start preparing some extremely delicious mocktails for all the pretty ladies and later serve them! Won’t it be great? Our experienced buff naked butlers in Oxford have years of experience in making parties a grand success. You will love to have them around them and play with them. They are extremely fun, talented, and so polite. They have got the charm and they come with experience.
You can choose your topless waiter in Oxford. Another reason why you should hire naked butlers in Oxford from us is because you have the power to choose your butler. You can choose from black, white, and Asian butlers. Just be cautious that the decision to hire our naked butler service in Oxford is surely going to be difficult because our butlers are hot! Give a call to Celebrate Just right and hire Oxford naked butler for your upcoming party. These butlers come with experience and they will even help you to clean the venue after the party is over.