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Are you looking to invite a little excitement to Cambridgeshire? Then spice up your next girls’ night or hen party by bringing our cheeky butlers to town. Peterborough Naked Butlers are chiselled, patient men ready to help you throw the best party on your local block. No matter the occasion, our well-trained boys will be more than happy to make sure that your special night flows as smoothly as possible – with a little bit of spark thrown in!


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
But why, you may ask, do I need a sexy Peterborough butler? For one, why don’t you? But for two, our boys will go the extra mile to ensure that any event of yours is unforgettable. Sexy male butlers in Peterborough have a versatile skill set that makes them the ideal invites to charity events, baby showers, or a raunchy hen party. Let them greet your guests as they arrive at your party and give everyone an early dose of what the naked butlers hired in Peterborough have to put on display. Once everyone’s arrived, these boys can make the rounds with casual drinks and eats, doing exactly as you say, when you say. Charm, after all, is part of the Peterborough naked butler package. Not only that, but these naked Peterborough butlers will ensure that each of your guests gets personalised attention – not to mention a welcomed eyeful.
If you’re looking to make your night a little rowdier, you can count on Peterborough’s sexy butlers. Our boys are expert cocktail makers who can work with whatever materials you put in front of them. So long as you’re providing the alcohol, they can serve up mixed drinks of all sorts with a bright and cheeky smile. For those of you looking for a real taste, though, our boys can get down in dirty. Take advantage of those rippling abs and enjoy body shots courtesy of some of the hottest men in Peterborough. Why bother with a coffee table when there’s a perfectly suitable substitute available in the form of one of Peterborough’s hottest young men?
Do you want to tailor the type of Peterborough naked butler that arrives at your party? That’s no trouble at all. Tall men, short men, hairy men, well-kept men, and men of all races are available at your disposal. Let us know who you want showing up at your event, and we’ll make sure that we send the right kind of sexy butler your way. You can also choose what kind of kit you want your sexy attendees to be wearing. If you’re looking for a topless waiter in Peterborough or a standard, servile butler, you’ll get him and all of his benefits without any trouble.
So what are you waiting for, Peterborough? Cambridgeshire’s naked butlers are ready and raring to make your next event a little more mouth-watering. Taking advantage of their services – and, of course, them – is a guaranteed way to ensure that your event is more than just entertaining. No matter what the occasion, Peterborough’s naked butlers will give you a night to remember.