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Ready to get raunchy by the River Ribble? Then take a tour of some of Preston’s Naked Butlers. These boys are available and ready to make any event you may be throwing all the more enticing. Throwing a hen party? Want to make waves at a charity gala? In the mood to spice up a baby shower? No matter the need, the naked butlers in Preston will be able to see to your needs and ensure that all of the guests who attend your event leave with great stories to tell. Not only are the sexy butlers of Preston built like brick houses, but they’re perfectly well-behaved – until you tell them not to be.


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“Lovely Gentleman”

Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Framing the Perfect Evening. There are few things better in life than a man who knows how to listen. Add in a set of rippling abs and a head of excellent hair, and you’ll have a perfect picture of one of Preston’s naked butlers. These butlers know how to make the most of a party. All of the butlers offered through the naked butler service in Preston are trained in the art of hosting. They’ll be able to meet and greet your event’s guest with ease, offering them hospitality as well as an eye-full. The naked butlers of Preston will also be able to ease their way into conversation and make the atmosphere of your event all the more enjoyable, either with a cheeky smile or some extra charm.
Greasing the Party Wheels. The sexy butlers of Preston can do more than look pretty, though. They’re also trained to perform a number of tricks. If you’re looking for a beautiful bartender to ogle at during your hen night, go ahead and take advantage of the boys’ ability to mix drinks. So long as you provide the alcohol, you’ll be able to enjoy any boozy beverage you like, hand-mixed by a topless waiter. You can even take your evening a step further. Preston’s naked butlers will be more than happy to serve as your coffee tables. If you happen to spill your drink on those rippling abs, well, they’ll understand if you want to lick it up. Once your night’s really kicked off, you can even request a personal lap dance for yourself or any of the attendees at your party. The sexy butlers of Preston are perfect for ensuring that any event stays energetic.
Luckily for you, this versatility in skill means that the naked butlers of Preston make excellent additions to just about any event or party. You can not only plan in advance the tasks you’ll have them perform (meaning that you can keep things a little more innocent, if you like, or really ramp up the raunchy), but you can handpick the butlers you bring into your boudoir. Like them hairy? Clean? Tall? Short? Thick? Thin? Whatever you like most, the best naked butler service in Preston will happily provide. Next time you’re planning a party in Preston, then, keep the city’s sexy male butlers in mind. They’ll be more than excited to bring a little extra bang to your next big event.