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When you’re planning an event in Reading, you’re able to take advantage of the wealth of entertainment Berkshire has to offer. There’s nothing in the city, though, that’s quite like the Reading naked butler service. The naked butlers in Reading put the men of Magic Mike to shame and offer to make your next event – be it an office party, hen night, Pride party, or baby shower – the talk of the town. Indulge your wild side and take a look at the kind of services Reading’s naked butlers have to offer.


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"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Welcome to the Party. First and foremost, you can consider the naked butlers of Reading to be your co-hosts for the evening. Why? Well, the boys sure are pretty, but they’ve got a versatile skill set, too. Set one of your well-muscled butlers by the door and have him greet all of your guests individually. He’ll do more than put on a show. All of the butlers offered through our service have been trained to be charming and eloquent party attendees. They’ll address all of your guests individually and make each of them feel a special kind of tingly – for the personalised attention, that is. Trust them to throw in a charming wink or a wry grin at the right moment. The sexy butlers of Reading know how to read the mood of a room and how, when necessary, to shrug off their good behaviour in favour of something dirtier.
Who’s Calling the Shots? Once you’re done with the meet and greet, you’d better believe that the boys will still have work to do. When you’re craving a stiff drink or just want to lubricate your party, the naked butlers of Reading have got you covered. So long as you provide the alcohol and other ingredients, the butlers you have at your party will be able to mix you drinks until the sun comes up. Don’t have a coffee table to set those delicious drinks on? No problem. Reading’s naked butlers are naked for a reason. Go ahead and use those rippling abs as a cup of their own. Body shots are absolutely on the table, so long as you discuss the service beforehand. If you’re looking for an equally evocative service, you can even arrange for a personalised lap dance for one or all of your event attendees. The naked butler service in Reading makes sure that all of its butlers are trained in the erotic and can serve your event just as you need them to.
Choosing Your Butler. With all of those skills available to you, you can make sure that you get the right kind of sexy Reading butler for your party. You choose in advance the kind of night you want to have and what kind of services your butler – or butlers – will provide for you. You can, at the same time, choose what kind of butler you want to have at your event. Do you like your men hairy? Clean? Do you want a tall man to take care of you, or are you fond of someone shorter? Choose your type and let him make himself comfortable at your party. You’ll find that you won’t regret your choice in company. The next time you’re hosting an event, then, consider making use of the naked butler service in Reading. The topless waiters available to you are raring and ready to make sure that your night is as perfect as it can possibly be.