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You may have come across advertisement and posters that are seeking to hire naked butlers in St. Albans. But do you really know who naked butlers are and what are their professions? Not to worry, this article will provide the information that you need about St. Albans naked butlers and their profession.


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Let’s start with the question, who is a naked butler? You have seen fully attired butlers serving drinks at several of the events that you have attended, right? Well, the only difference between a butler that is clothed fully and a naked butler is that a naked butler is naked. Well, not all that naked, they are just butt naked! Naked Butlers will wear skimpy aprons that cover only the part of their bodies that should not be exposed in public.  And, that is what will make your guest super excited, especially if it’s a Hen Do party you are throwing. Because they are entertainers, they have flawless skin, perfectly toned muscles and are generally sexy look. Naked butlers work at every event so for your next event, consider hiring a St. Albans naked butler. Moreover, your event will even be more exciting if you order your naked butlers in a group – it’s more fun.   Now, how do these cheeky butlers bring entertainment to our parties? Let’s find out.
Ease the Boredom. Most parties are boring because people refuse to hold conversations. St. Albans sexy male butlers are not afraid to break the silence. They are the life of the party and they know how to get people to loosen up.  They are great conversationalists and they will make sure that everyone enjoys the fun. Exceptional Cocktail Servers. Just as mentioned earlier, these topless waiters in St. Albans are charming. They are excellent hosts and will serve cocktails just like the traditional butler. The only thing is that they serve with a cheeky smile. Don’t worry, naked butlers in St. Albans undergo the necessary training that allows them to mix and serve drinks just like an ordinary butler.
Work as Hosts. Naked butlers in St. Albans are great hosts too. As part of their major roles, they work as guest receivers at many major events, even at an LGBTQ event. They don’t only welcome your guests, they go extra miles to make sure that they are all entertained throughout the party, remember they are professionals and are great in what they do. Great for Any Event. You may also wonder if naked butlers in St. Albans are limited to any event(s). Well, no they are not. Naked butlers can work at any occasion, be it Hen Do, Dinner Parties, Baby Shower, Birthday Parties, corporate events and as mentioned earlier, LGBTQ events. These sexy St. Albans naked butlers will give your event the perfect entertainment that it needs.
Did We Mention That You Can Mix Your Naked Butlers? Yes, you can. If you need Asian butlers, Black butlers or White butlers, celebrate just right has them all.  All you have to do is click some keys and sexy butlers will come your way. Call us now for naked butler hire in St. Albans.