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Naked Butlers are getting more popular in York, especially at Hen Do parties.The quality of the service they offer is exceptional. You can get a package for any event whether it be a small birthday party, a corporate event, or even an LGBT party, just visit Celebrate Just Right and your fantasy will come to true.


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Tessie Phillips

"Ken & Luke was absolutely amazing! Lots of party games with us and got the party popping. All helped by the fact he was dead gorgeous!"
Why Hire the Naked Butler for you Hen Do party? A Hen Do is a time of fun, laughter and a taste of the forbidden.  It is one final chance to act out that particular fantasy, having your hidden fetish catered to and generally just having a blast.  For this one night, you can be naughty, let your hair down, and just relax. Simply, say goodbye to regular routines and step into the world of sexy, cheeky, swanky professional naked butlers, right here in York. The choice is yours for dark and handsome, blonde and sinful, sweet and adoring.Hire the Naked Butler for any event you are hosting and need to spice up. They come in all races, as per your request, each one more mouth-watering than the one before. Celebrate Just Right has all this and more, dependent on the package you select.
Look what your York naked butlers will do. First, the Naked Butler meet with you to get a feel for the range of services that they will provide and make it their business to understand the nature of the party and those attending
  • They Act as Host – meet and greet guests as they arrive.
  • They Mix drinks – they are cocktail makers, who deliver drinks with sparkling smiles you just can’t resist.
  • They will keep the party buzzing. There is nothing like a well-proportioned man to raise the temperature in a room. Naked butlers circulate throughout the party, socialising and ensuring that all are served and are having a good time.
  • They are game players – these butt naked butlers also take part in some trademark mouth-watering sexy games that will make the party crowd come alive.
  • They will perform tantalising sexy dance routines – who can resist a little sexy provocation? Be prepared. Our naked butlers in York has some delicate move that will leave you mesmerised.
  • They will ignite conversations – If you’re worried that your hen party will get a little bit boring, don’t worry. Our naked butlers in York will make sure that everyone is having a good time; they’ll mingle with your guests, get them talking and help them to loosen up and have some fun.
Let’s wrap up. If you are having a party and need a bit of excitement, do not hesitate to hire some naked butlers in York from Celebrate Just Right. These hunky men provide a complete and unique entertainment that you will remember years to come. So if you are in a hen, our butt naked butlers will treat you like a princess and make sure that you have the time of your life.