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Going to be epic

A roly poly stripper is a large lady with a love of stripping. She’s a big girl and she’ll show you everything she’s got. Roly polys are loads of fun and can be a great way to embarrass your stag. But roly polys are a very special kind of stripper and if you want her to, she’ll sit on the stag, even whip and dominate him. She can totally humiliate him if you want to really bring your stag down a peg or two. How far your fat femme fatale goes is up to you. One thing for sure, this will be one stripper your stag will never forget – for all the wrong reasons!


Fat Lady

 Props & Handcuffs 

 Lots of Whipping 


 Blindfold Surprise

And much more…

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Ozzie’s Stag Party

“Good Times”

Matty’s Bday Party

“Was Class”

Greg Daniels 

“Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha”

What occasion can you book a Roly Poly?

You cant beat it!

You can hire a roly poly stripper for any occasion you like, birthday bash, leavers party, but it’s still most popular with those stag parties who want nothing more than to embarrass the groom to be.

You want to really embarrass you stag on his stag do. What does he expect? This is the one time you can all have a good laugh at his expense and completely show him up. You want him humiliated. Well, never fear, lads, we’ve got just the girl for the job. Our raucous roly poly stripper can sit on him, squirt cream in his face, whip him and tie him to a chair. She can show him what a real woman on top feels like and there’ll be no getting away from this ten-ton-tessy! Our large lovely likes nothing better than taking a stag prisoner and giving him the full force of her attention. She’s a whole lotta woman and she’ll get up close and personal with the groom-to-be.

What do Roly Poly strippers wear?

Roly Poly Stripper

Funny regardless

What your roly poly stripper looks like and what she wears is a big part of the experience. The choice in outfits is growing all the time. You can stick with old favourites like a nurse, policewoman or sexy secretary or you can pick more up-to-date ones like a cowgirl or wonder woman. If you book a miss whiplash she’ll be dominatrix get-up, but you can have your regular roly poly wearing sexy stockings and suspenders too. If you go for the grotto gram the outfits are usually the ultimate in bad taste! But what would you expect for a grotesque grotto! Get sent pictures of our Grottos

What is a roly kissagram and a strippergram?

Not much in it!

If you’ve got a stag who’s a little on the shy side or you’re the best man who doesn’t want to embarrass him too much, a roly poly kissagram is just the thing. You want to give the whole group a good laugh and you want to show your best man up a bit, but you don’t want to go over the top. With a roly poly kissagram you get the big girl with the shock factor, but you don’t get to see everything she’s got. This voluptuous venus can still sit on the stag’s knee and she can do a semi strip if you want, but she’ll never go all the way. A roly poly kissagram is loads of fun and she’ll arrive in a sexy outfit of your choice. She’ll have a personal message for the stag and she’ll give him the shock of his life when he realises what you’ve done. A strippergram will do all this, but she’ll also strip all the way, and she can totally humiliate your stag if you want her to!

How much does a Roly Poly costs?

It will be worth it

The cost of your roly poly depends on what you want. If you want a kissergram or a stripper, if you want your stag humiliating, what you want your roly girl to wear. Prices vary however we can send you an instant quote in seconds using our tool online
You know where you want to party, you know what kind of roly poly you want and what you want to wear, all that’s left to do is book your roly poly stripper right now!