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Fat Birds of Bristol

What’s a birthday party without a good laugh? What’s a stag do without a chuckle? We know how important it can be for people to enjoy their experience and laugh about things, so we make sure that we’re giving you nothing but the best, so get ready to be wowed. Here at Celebrate Just Right, we aim to provide you with nothing but the best in Roly Polys in Bristol. However, we’re not just going to stop there – quite the opposite. Read on to see exactly what we’ve got to offer you, and why this experience is one that you’re not going to want to pass up.


Fat Lady

 Props & Handcuffs 

 Lots of Whipping 


 Blindfold Surprise

And much more...

Recent Events

Ozzie's Stag Party

“Good Times”

Matty's Bday Party

“Was Class”

Greg Daniels 

"Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha"
When it comes to making sure we’ve got our list of services down to fine art, we’ve made it our business to give you nothing but the best in terms of Roly Polys in Brighton. We provide you with a plus size woman who will offer you an equally larger-than-life experience, and make sure that you feel like your needs are being respected and listened to. So, we can give you a venue when you need one, and we can also make sure that you’re getting a good lass whether you’re after something for a stag do, a birthday party or some other event. We can give you a whole selection of different options, such as the leather whip, or the body oil. We also provide you with a range of seductive dances or face sitting. Plus, with a whole selection of saucy outfits available, there’s going to be something to make even the most stoic person break out in laughter.
So if you’re reading this and you feel like you want to get the most from your next event, we encourage you to contact us and talk about what we can do for you. Our overall aim has always been to make sure you’re getting the best, because we know it means so much to get things right. Our team of customer service reps are standing ready to give you the best in terms of Roly Poly’s in Brighton, and welcome the chance to chat with you about what you feel you need. So please pick up the phone, or contact us another way, and let’s get started.