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A Roly Poly in Dublin is not your regular stripper! Nope, she is definitely not thin, in fact, straightaway, no she is much better. You heard it right! If you are thinking to give the best stag party to your groom to be and want him to feel humiliated and embarrassed in front of everything then let us tell you this straight away, nothing can be better than a roly poly stripper in Dublin. She is the one who is going to bring out the best in the groom. Don’t have a boring party dear gentleman, just hire a fat stripper in Dublin and have a lifetime experience. Look at her body juggling from everywhere. Just have fun with her and let her show you what a real party is about.


Fat Lady

 Props & Handcuffs 

 Lots of Whipping 


 Blindfold Surprise

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Greg Daniels 

"Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha"
Roly Poly in Dublin is so much fun. You must be thinking of how a roly poly in Dublin will create a fun element in a party. Imagine a BIG fat lady dancing in front of the groom and presenting a totally embarrassing strip show. Just think about it, a Big fat lady slowly raising the temperature of the room and making the groom blush gradually as she starts humiliating him and starts her prank service. You thought that just because she is a fat stripper in Dublin, she won’t be able to accelerate the heartbeat of everyone that is present there! Well, that’s where you are wrong. Our Roly Poly strippers are hot, and they are unique. They are fun and know exactly what to do to increase the temperature of the room.
Hire black Roly Poly in Dublin. Do you know what is the best part of hiring a black roly poly in Dublin? Well, you should hire a roly poly in Dublin is because they know to create the mood for any occasion. Whether it is for a stag party or a birthday party. They can make everyone laugh! You must be thinking about what else can a fat stripper do other than making everyone laugh! Wait, did we tell you that they can also do face sitting? Crazy right! Well, our Roly Poly strippers are crazy. They are here to bring in the fun and make everyone laugh. We understand that you want to hire them to create a show and be rest assured that they will definitely create a show. A show which will be out of this world and extremely funny.
Hire a roly poly stripper in Dublin and choose an outfit. Thinking of a roly poly strippogram female in Dublin, then take out your smartphone and give us a call right away. We give you the liberty to choose an outfit of your choice. Think of an avatar and she will become that for you. Think about a roly poly in Dublin who will come as a schoolgirl, a police officer or an army woman. Won’t it be fun? Choose any occasion and a theme and let her come prepared for the party. Feel embarrassed when she starts rubbing whip cream and body oil all over her body.
Don’t wait for any more if you want to know the roly poly prices in Dublin. Let us tell you about the price for each of our Roly poly stripper in Dublin. Be rest assured that the show she is going to put in front of you all is going to include pranks and really humiliating. Everyone including the groom is going to have a lot of fun.