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For a stag do with a difference, book a Roly Poly Stripper Middlesbrough. Not heard of it before? Let us explain. A Roly Poly stripper is the complete opposite of what you would expect from your usual stripper. Unless your stag loves big women, the larger than life stripper will be a humiliating but fun experience for your stag and the stag party. Popular in Eastern Europe, Roly Poly stripping involves a professional strip routine performed by a larger lady. They make the perfect addition to any stag do celebrations.


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"Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha"
The stag do is usually a once in a lifetime celebration so making it a memorable experience, not just for the stag but for the whole stag party is a key priority. Whether it’s a single night or a weekend of fun filled escapades, the entertainment is one of the most important things and it’s never complete without a stripper, right? But this is a stripper unlike any you’ve seen before.
Roly Poly Stripper, Middlesbrough Venues. If you’ve decided that a Roly Poly stripper is an absolute must for your friend’s stag do, we can help you arrange just what you need. The Roly Poly stripper will attend any venue whether it’s a club, hotel room, VIP guest area or any venue of your choice. It’s a unique experience and will certainly make plenty of stories for you to tell long after the stag do. So why should you hire a Roly Poly Stripper for your event? Well for a start it will be one of the most epic surprises for the stag. When you mention the word stripper, a Roly Poly variety is probably not at all what he was expecting. Create the ultimate element of surprise for an unsuspecting stag. Or, it could be the best thing ever for your friend, particularly if he loves larger ladies. It’s his stag do so why not give him what he wants?
Celebrate Just Right are here to make your stripper experience the best it can possibly be. Fun for all, the Roly Poly Strippers from us will really make your event one that’s unforgettable. It’s so easy to find and book a stripper with us. We have been in the adult entertainment industry for a while now and we know what our customers want from their celebrations to make them fun, unmissable and memorable. Your Roly Poly Stripper can dress in a variety of outfits too, so you are in full control of the entertainment. We can also accommodate special requests, or we will try our best to. Contact our team to tell us about what you have in mind and we will try to make it happen. It’s your night and we want it to be filled with fun, laughter and Roly Poly Strippers, Middlesbrough.