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Been asked to plan a stag do? Although it’s a huge privilege it can be an even bigger undertaking for such an important event. Ever thought of a roly poly stripper, Newquay. It’s certainly something that will be different. When it comes to stag do planning, there’s so much to think about, where to go, what to plan, venues to organise and more. It doesn’t matter how responsible or mature you intend to be, it just won’t be the same without the obligatory strip show. But why not choose a strip show that’s totally different from tradition. Everything doesn’t have to follow tradition does it? A roly poly stripper may be an epic decision. Roly Poly strippers can fit in with the theme of your night if it’s what you want, the more ridiculous, humiliating and fun the night is the better right?



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 Blindfold Surprise

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"Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha"
brought to you by a larger lady, which will  certainly be a talking point long after the hangovers have worn off. Whether you are planning a weekend filled with fun times and laughter or it’s just a night, a roly poly stripper is an absolute must. If you know your friend well and you think a roly poly stripper, Newquay would be the ultimate surprise for the stag then it should be part of your celebrations. Celebrate Just Right have been helping people throughout the UK plan the most unique, memorable and interesting stag nights for a while and we help you make your night unforgettable.
So why exactly should you hire a roly poly stripper for your event? They are just as great as a traditional stripper and they can offer the most epic surprise for the guest of honour. Why not make the night a bit different? The stripper will attend any venue that you have in mind, and they will work with your timings so if you’ve got a pub crawl in mind, they can arrive at your venue of choice to suit your schedule for the night. Do you have a theme, or do you want the stripper to use props during their performance? No problem. This can also be arranged. Or maybe you have a specific special request that you would like to make.
Although we can’t promise, we will try our best to make your request a reality on the night. Stag dos are hopefully a once in a lifetime event for the stag so it needs to be something that he will never ever forget. Celebrate Just Right are here to help. We are specialists in the entertainment industry, and we strive to help all our clients make memories. Professional performances, fun and laughter is what we aim to deliver. To book your roly poly stripper Newquay today, contact our friendly team or make your booking online.