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Fat Birds of Preston

Surprise your stag with a Roly Poly Stripper from Preston and watch the surprise on his face when he sees that she’s more woman than he can handle. Our Preston roly polys are large ladies that will perform on any occasion. Whether it be a stag party or a birthday party these ladies are bold and are always ready to have a totally embarrassing strip show. As a matter of fact, Preston roly polys are like any other stripper, only more so! Never mind though, roly polys are loads of fun and will keep you laughing all night. But if you really want to laugh hard, just ask one our roly polys to humiliate your stag. She will sit on him as BIG as she is and whip him – now isn’t that fun. Here are a few more things that you need to know about our roly poly in Preston.


Fat Lady

 Props & Handcuffs 

 Lots of Whipping 


 Blindfold Surprise

And much more...

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Ozzie's Stag Party

“Good Times”

Matty's Bday Party

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Greg Daniels 

"Absolutely hilarious night with the lads. Please say thanks to the lady that attended she was professional and gave the stag what he deserved haha"
What does a roly poly stripper in Preston wears? Your Preston roly poly stripper will wear any outfit of your choice. Remember though, that she is a BIG fat lady. There’s a wide range of outfits to choose from, such as schoolgirl, police or army, nurse, etc., there are also up to date outfits such as cowgirl and wonder woman. Want to humiliate your stag? She will also bring props, just ask. Body oil, cream, and a whip are always available if you like. So, if you have a stag who believes he’s not afraid of anything and you want to humiliate him, say the word. Your roly poly will prove him otherwise by tying him, sitting on him and giving him a proper whipping. You will get the biggest laugh of your life. This big fat lady isn’t afraid of no lad.
Is your stag shy? If your stag is on the shy side or if you think that he cannot handle face sitting (ha-ha…crazy!!) from a big fat lady, not to worry. Hire a roly poly Strippergram female to cool him down. She will do all the things a regular roly poly does but the sweet part is that she will strip herself right down – now isn’t this something to look forward to! However, if he’s really shy, give him a roly poly kissogram. She’s also loads of fun and will do a semi-strip, but hey, not all the way down.
She will come to your venue. Your Preston roly poly stripper will come to your venue, whether if it’s your house, club, or any venue of your choice.  However, if you do not have a venue just let us know and we will sort one out for you where she can perform. She will do her usual routine to music and then she’ll strip for you. You’ll be glad that you hire a roly poly stripper Preston. And, since roly poly prices in Preston varies, get our instant price in seconds for the roly poly of your choice. This is the perfect way to boost up your stag party and give him something he never knew was coming – he will never be in a hurry to forget his stag night party.